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Positive Pin

April 23rd, 2012 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Yippy! Another day on Earth to have some fun! Are we not the luckiest people around!

I found something I know you will all want more than anything! It’s a Positive Pin to remind you to think positive.

Is that not the coolest thing?

They come in all different colours and they are so pretty!

I had to order one but couldn’t think of which colour so I got a few. They will go with my outfits and I’m sure I’ll  give a bunch away so I’ll be ordering more soon!

Some ideas are just so innovative aren’t they?

Here’s a picture of it I hope he doesn’t mind my doing this.

Kind of doubles for a cross which is great to remind us to not only be positive but to keep God in our hearts.

The owner Jon is lovely also giving some of the profits to those in need. Got to love that!

Here’s the link:

Positive Pins

I just love things like this when people not only find a way to express their passion but give back also. Thank you for being you Jon.

Quote for you:

“Living with passion and purpose is about doing what ‘lights you up’ and makes your heart sing. It’s NOT about money. It’s about something much more rare and precious. It’s about shining your light in a way only YOU can do it in this world.” Marta Davidovich Ockuly

Until we meet again, Sharon


Happy 48th Birthday To Bobby

April 17th, 2012 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Welcome Everyone.

Today is my husband Bobby’s 48th birthday!

Wow what a trip!

I wanted to take a moment to tell him what a sweetheart he is and how so totally proud I am of him in all that he has done.

The one thing that stands out more than others is his determination when he wants something. Did you know that at one time Bobby weighed about 330 pounds today he is about 180 or something.

It all started because he couldn’t pass a physical test for an interview at work with running and a few words from a nasty judgmental man who was probably his Earth Angel about his weight.

Here is the blog I did for his first marathon.

You can see what he looked like before! I love him either way but I’m glad that he is much healthier now of course. Happier too!

Today Bobby has done so many races and marathons I can’t count but that box of metals is getting heavier and heavier. Today he trains for an Ultra Marathon (50 kl) and the Tough Mudder! Who’d of thunk.

Way to go Bobby and Thank you for being you! I love you!

Quote for you:

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”Colin Powell

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Bread you Can’t Forget

January 15th, 2012 | Category: Exciting News,Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone.

When I was at the Violet Door this last weekend I noticed that they carry “wood-fired Hearth Bread” now!.

It is only on Saturday’s apparently and it is so yummy!

I got the Rye one.

It was hilarious because I was thinking as it was still hot how I’m going to get it home without eating it all and Joanne said oh just put it in a plastic bag later in the day to keep it fresh! It will be fresh all right because I’ll be eating it within the hour!

When I got home and Bobby and I started into it (yes I didn’t touch it on the drive home) we couldn’t stop! I was slopping butter on it and Bobby had peanut butter!

I think it was the longest we have ever stood in the kitchen (lol) in a while pigging out on our bread.

Is it Saturday yet? I want some more!

Quote for you:

“Eaten Bread is forgotten.” Thomas Fuller

(If we take this literally I’d say not in the case Mr. Fuller (no pun intended))

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Money Magnet and Clutter

January 07th, 2012 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone!

I’m sorry I have been having trouble with my blog again. One of my laptops doesn’t like writing on this blog and I don’t know why so I have to go back and forth. Now I know it truly doesn’t work on the Dell and I’m going to use the HP always for this.

It’s been a very busy few days of the year and I have to share something with you that I know you are going to freak out about!

OK it takes a bit of work but if you push yourself there are things that will happen that will blow your socks off!

Looking back it started a while ago how I found this course which by the way only costs $1.00! Well I paid $25 because I didn’t notice the sliding scale but hey. Story of my life I get all excited and forget about everything.

Some time ago I had a client who had a business and I was walking around (for some odd reason) with my lucky three horse feng shui doo dad in my purse. I said to her as spirit said to do so give her this. So I did. Then she magically said “ahh that is what Ellen Whitehurst talks about. Never one to let grass grow under my feet when a fun opportunity comes along I’m like “who”? .

I went home and ordered everything off her site including some amazing wealth oil.

OK fast track to today or at least 9 days ago. There is this course that Ellen Whitehurst offers called 27 days to being a Money Magnet.

Here’s the link 27 Days to Money magnet on Daily Om.

This course is such fun and has really changed how I think about money. Sure we all want it but what do we really want when we get it?

It helps you write out what you are going to look like when you have oodles of money and how you are going to feel while along the way setting up some mighty adventures to get there.

My dear friend Carolyn (who doesn’t mind walking through crazyland with me) and I did it together and I’m so glad because there is one day I had to work and she was the one who went on the wild goose chase gathering all the stuff. I think it is day 5 when you have to make a wealth jar with these things in it that are kind of difficult to get. It takes a lot of time sometimes but so worth it.

Let’s just say on Tuesday while I was standing at Jester’s Court I was asking all the guys in the bar if any of them were rich and if I could have some change from their pocket…..! you get the story. Strange those one guy just took a quarter out of his pocket and gave it to me.

There are symbols and baths and so many fun things to do. Right up my Alley. I haven’t had this much fun in a long long time!

Couple things I’m a little weirded out about. I get nervous when asking for money as I don’t want 99 year old aunt clara to go to the forever after if you get my drift. I find myself adding a little saying after like “with harm to none” or “in everyone’s divine best interest”. I’m not sure if that takes things longer to get here but better safe than sorry.

Also I read somewhere that certain herbs when used in a bath or on yourself should not be used by pregnant women so I would check on that one if you are preggers!

Also, I was taught never to use a red pen as it brings in negative money energy (in the red) and always use a green pen. Ellen says write in red always! I had to do a few shifts around that one.

That’s it.

If you stop it you have to start all over again! Yikes. They say day 7 is the hardest for stopping but we marched right through.

It’s not for everyone but it truly should be as I feel like I’ve given all my heaviness about money to the Universe and I’m ready to allow everything in.

The one thing that really struck a cord is something I’ve wanted to start for a long time. I’m doing a website to sell off all my “stuff”. Clutter has been a part of my life since I can’t remember and I really don’t care about most of it. It’s old, its stale, its keeping me back. Watch for this wonderful website that is coming up and new blog and if you want to be part of this adventure as it grows make sure you sign up for the newsletter.

Or if you are a clutter person yourself write to me at and let me know if you are itnerested in joining a group to discuss how to get rid of clutter in 2012.

They say psychics have the worst clutter ever! makes sense.

There is also 27 days to true love which I’m sure would interest a lot of people!

So that’s it. Happy New Year. I’m sorry my last blog acted all weird and let’s go out there and make life happen! I’m in.

“The more you have, the more you are occupied.
The less you have, the more free you are.”
Mother Teresa

Until we meet again, Sharon


Follow your Bliss

December 14th, 2011 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Hello Everyone! I hope this day is the best one yet!

Sometimes certain quotes will follow me in my life for me to get to my next step and the last few weeks I have been hearing people say “Follow your Bliss” which is of course what Joseph Campbell taught us.

Kind of true in this time of great change for us to sit up and listen to the Universe for it to tell us which way we are to go.

I’m not sure if these words are coming to me because Bobby and I will be going for tattoos in the near future (if I don’t chicken out) and I have been asking the Universe for a sign of what to get.

I’ve thought of something on my baby finger like a quill until our lovely tattoo artist Maria said it really hurts on the finger. So that’s out in a jiffy now what do I get.

I would love to get a monarch in memory of my wonderful Mom but I keep hearing the words “Follow your Bliss”.

Bobby wanted us to get matching tattoos of the Norns you know whatever will be will be. I’m not sure if I’m ready for a tattoo that is going to take a “long” time.

Also, where to you get the thing? I don’t want it where I can’t see it what good would that do? I don’t want something that will look ridiculous when I’m 90 if I make it that long. As odd as I am I don’t think I can pull that one off.

The gifted Maria said when you are getting one tattoo you are already thinking of the next one! Do you think? I don’t remember pain giving me that same feeling before?

If you get the urge send me pictures of your tattoos (tasteful only please, lol) and I will put on a blog.

Quote for you:

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

Until we meet again, Sharon


Where Does the Time Go?

December 13th, 2011 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this day finds you well and prosperous.

I found an old bible that I had and I went through to see what I put in it which is a habit of mine and I found an old wish list that had long come true and a picture of my children from long time ago. It took me by surprise how much time has gone by. I had to reflect on my many hair colours too and the many pounds. I do believe blond is much more fun though I’d give back the weight any day though.

Weren’t the boys so cute! I can’t believe Peter is already 30 and Michael and Peter skyrocket over me.

Then I started thinking about new year resolutions. I want 2012 to be spectacular! Don’t you? I want Discipline to be my middle name and to get my life in order. More time for loving and joy! Let’s all do it together!

Affirmation for you:

“All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory.” Rikki Zimmerman

Until we meet again, Sharon

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The Amazing Ellen Whitehurst

December 12th, 2011 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for joining me on the Psychic Cottage Blog. I’m glad you haven’t forgotten about me.

I have to share with you the coolest woman that a client recommended.

Her name is Ellen Whitehurst.

She is a specialist in Feng Shui and tons of other cool things and is actually a touch witchy in how she does things and very very magical.

I totally love her!

I ordered her wealth oil so I can’t wait to get it and try it out. Casino here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you go onto her video’s there is one for a tomato which is delightful totally delightful! I have my tomato on the ledge over our sink as I write this! Vines everywhere!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure where I got this to find it for you. You will have to zoom around her site which is too much fun.

Her blog is here Ellen.  It’s full of lots of information for you.

I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes.

I love all the little symbols and I bought them and did what she said.  So much fun so little time.

Quote for you:

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Rings and Things

December 08th, 2011 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone!

OK I hear you two blogs in a row? What’s up with that? Blue moon or something?

I’m feeling very creative and writing seems to always pop up when that happens. Before I know it I’m going to be cleaning and cooking! Bobby was wondering when that cycle would come around again, lol.

I came across the coolest video on you tube. The videos are by a lovely lady and astrologer named Kathy Rose.

In these videos she talks about which finger we wear rings on and the significance. Like how cool is that eh?

Rings Kathy Rose Astrologer

I immediately went and put this wonderful key that my mother in law gave me when I first met my husband on my Jupiter finger! Oola la it feels good too now that I know about this. I didn’t realize though how many times my nose gets itchy and I use this finger (no not sticking it up my nose rubbing my nose). It took me a few ouchy moments to stop that habit.

I also ordered a ring from a wonderful lady on etsy named Delia  with the name of my husband, myself and my  boys and on the back it will say Archangel Michael Protect Us. I’m going to wear on my second finger for love! I wanted to add Friends and Family but didn’t have enough room!

I love the idea of this and it will remind me to ask Archangel Michael to watch over us always.

Be well dear friends and may Archangel Michael watch over you all.

Quote for you:

“The man who foolishly does me wrong, I will return to him the protection of my most ungrudging love; and the more evil comes from him, the more good shall go from me.” Buddha

I read the above and thought how great it would be to be like this. Yah Buddha! Dare to Dream. How would we learn our lessons though? I had to chuckle here as I remembered our friend once saying about someone wronging someone and about forgiveness “Hey I’m Irish “hate them until their dead”.”

Oh life would be so dull if we were all the same wouldn’t it.

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Happy 30th Birthday Peter

October 12th, 2011 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

It’s my Son’s 30th birthday today and I wanted to dedicate this blog to him.

My Dearest Son. Happy Birthday to you. Today you turn 30.

Where did the time go it seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms in the hospital. Born on Thanksgiving Day and it was a day I truly gave thanks for you in my life.

It is very exciting as a parent to watch your children grow into adults and watch their gifts come out throughout the years.

I’m so lucky and proud that you chose me to be your Mom and to realize the wonderful gifts that you share with our world and the amazing person you are.

Here’s what I see when I look at you Peter.


Your life hasn’t been an easy one this I know. It was taken off course with your accident where we almost lost you. You struggled to find your way back on course with a strength that only someone with your gifts could get out of still smiling and not bitter.

Sense of Family

When I was double blessed and your brother came along it was great to see you two develop into a tight family together. I could never have asked for a better Son to protect your brother and to always be in his life. You both make a team that is unstoppable.


You got the Reesor genes when it comes to your light heartedness. Your smile and your continuous lightness that you share with others and your quick wit. When I think of you I always think of my Mother, your Grandma, in spirit as there is a softness in both of you that seems to be the same.

Handsome and Humble

You have always been a handsome guy and the older you get the more handsome you get. It’s one thing to be handsome but it’s another to glow when you smile.

Non Judgemental

I know it’s not easy to have a Mom that is different but I’ve heard that the first things out of your mouth when talking about me is “My Mom’s a Psychic”! How wonderful that you accept me the way I am. Another gift you have of non-judgement.


Not too many people know this about you but you are extremely creative. When left with a notebook and a pencil eventually you will have a wonderful book filled with beautiful pictures. Incredible!


From a young age you were gifted with numbers. You add them in your head faster then someone could even say them. You didn’t need calculators or computers the numbers danced in your head. By the time I would have put something in a calculator you already had the answer. This is something that was innate inside of you. Such a gift.


You have had your friends since the beginning of your life and continue to make new ones. It amazes me really that the whole group continue until this day. I do know it takes a good friend to have friends so I know you are a good friend to many including me.


It takes a certain confident man to be sensitive and this is a gift I have seen in you many times. Thoughtful to others and sensitive to other people.


No one can say this is not true. You can walk into a room and light it up with your charm.


When Peter was little we would go downtown and it was always a good idea to bring lots of change because he spent the whole time asking for change to give to everyone on the street. It was so cute. I remember as he started to get a little older (8 maybe) he would always ask for instead of a present for a donation to be made. No one ever did and then once my sister did it for him and he said it was the best present he ever got. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said a Sick Kid’s lottery ticket. Such a sweetie.


I guess I could go on forever about the gifts you share with the world but I guess what I wanted to say more than anything is I love you with all my Heart and I’m so proud you are my Son!

Happy 30th Birthday Peter.

Love MOM

Quote for you:

“If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.” ~Robert Brault

Until we meet again, Sharon


Steve Jobs

October 06th, 2011 | Category: Gems Along the Way,Musings by Sharon

Good Morning.

Such a loss. RIP Steve Jobs.

Check out this great blog and video from Daily Blog Tips.

Lots of spiritual advice in that video.

Quote for you:

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

Until we meet again, Sharon

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