Dec 13

Where Does the Time Go?

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this day finds you well and prosperous.

I found an old bible that I had and I went through to see what I put in it which is a habit of mine and I found an old wish list that had long come true and a picture of my children from long time ago. It took me by surprise how much time has gone by. I had to reflect on my many hair colours too and the many pounds. I do believe blond is much more fun though I’d give back the weight any day though.

Weren’t the boys so cute! I can’t believe Peter is already 30 and Michael and Peter skyrocket over me.

Then I started thinking about new year resolutions. I want 2012 to be spectacular! Don’t you? I want Discipline to be my middle name and to get my life in order. More time for loving and joy! Let’s all do it together!

Affirmation for you:

“All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory.” Rikki Zimmerman

Until we meet again, Sharon

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