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Selling Your House? Let St. Joseph Help You.

April 12th, 2008 | Category: St. Joseph

Welcome Everyone.

I was digging around in articles I’ve written in the past and came across something I wrote when my friend needed to sell her house. I thought I’d share it with you for your entertainment. Needless to say there is never a dull moment when you are around me.

St. Joseph and Heather’s House

I wanted to share an experience with you that will help you if you are trying to sell your house.

As we all know there are those times when we just need that extra little edge, a foot in the door of heaven, a hey yoo hoo God, its me, I need some help down here. This story is about one of those times.

My friend, Heather, called me in a panic. I need your help she says. My house has to sell quick and the market isn’t that great because there are so many houses for sale in the area, and you know, my house may need a little work before selling. Can you do one of your little things you do so it all works out?

Now you don’t know me but a chance to help a friend and have a little fun in at the same time? Hey I’m in. Bring on the challenge.

So I start digging around the homestead, looking through books and my boxes (yes I know I moved in long time ago but unpacking isn’t my specialty) of papers and the consensus is “St. Joseph“. He’s the one to help Heather sell her house. Dilemma, where do I get a statue of St. Joseph? Lo and behold I’m off to the religious shops where I hear, sorry, you have to go to a more structured store which I will leave unnamed where they sell saints.

Now I’m not one too struck on structured religion and fire and brimstone frightens me. I’m not judging and I’m glad it works for some and whatever floats your boat right, so what to do? I take a deep breath, think about Heather, friendship prevails and I’m off to that store.

Now I’m really a chicken so I drag my Honey. He’s been through way worse with me (and it is through thick and thin right?) so off we go.Honey says on our way to the store (in his Sharon what did you get us into this time voice) ” you WHAT bury a St. Joseph statue, in the ground, on his head? Well, I said, all sassy like, Ya How else can Heather sell her house. Then I did the little geez look and clucking sound (that he hates) that means don’t you know anything? I get the standard rolled eye response very glad at this point that looks are only that. Then I put my hand on my nose with the wedding ring to remind him that he’s in for life. Just for fun. He chose me right?

So in we go. I take a deep breath hoping no one knows what I’m up to. My husband is all brave, that’s one of the reasons I adore him. He starts talking to the man at the store about a St. Michael necklace (now I’m not sure if he really wanted one before heading into the store or if getting in there he remembered that St. Michael was the one who cast Satan out of heaven and he thought there might be some bad ju ju in what we we’re doing here and maybe this necklace might be a good purchase at this time but he decided to buy it.)

Anyway, so as my Husband is making his big purchase I use the diversion to start looking around. There are tons of them. I’m thinking which one? I’m totally frustrated and confused and I’m just about to expose my mission to the man at the store when there it is, the St. Joseph House selling kit right there in open view behind the cash. I was almost giddy but tried to act cool. My Husband knows me like no one and knew something was up. So I said, oh what’s that, I have a friend whose selling her house, she might need that. All calm like when really I felt like jumping up and down and singing my find to the world.

The man says, oh that’s been around for years, I used it and sold my house in 5 days. How much I said? Twelve Dollars he says. I said, ok I’ll take it. I didn’t want him to know it was like GOLD. I realized at that point that God really does have a sense of humour.

Now I go to that store all the time to stock up. I’m forever giving away little St. Michael and Miracle charms.

Anyway, I bring my find to my friend’s house all excited like. Now Heather has a trust in me like no other and would try anything once but I did get this e-mail the next day.

“Sharon this better work, the neighbours, and my family I might add, think I’m nuts. I was out there in the pouring rain burying my little statue beside the for sale sign thinking the whole time that God was going to strike me with lightening for burying poor St. Joseph upside down in the ground not to mention the karma I might get.”

I calmly write back. Trust me. I can’t help at this point to snicker a bit because I’m just as skeptical.

We talk hourly, Heather and I, but the big call came five days later. I sold, she says, the house sold. How cool is that?

What can I say but I guess when we need a little faith its there for all of us.”

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite Proverbs:

“Fear knocked at the door and faith answered. No one was there.” Old English Proverb

Until we meet again, Sharon

P.S. If you need one of these little kits I’ve seen them at the Violet Door in Bowmanville and I know the Hedgewitch in Sharon has some too.