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Missing my Mom

November 22nd, 2010 | Category: Gems Along the Way,MOM'S TRIBUTE,Musings by Sharon

Hello Everyone. Welcome to the Psychic Cottage blog.

I was missing my Mom today so I put together a little movie with pictures to the poem Lavender Lady wrote for Mom’s Tribute Blog.

It’s strange even after all these years it seems┬álike yesterday she left us.

Love you Mom.

Quote for you:

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”
— Cardinal Mermillod

Until we meet again, Sharon


Mom – We will Remember you.

Hello my dear blog Friends. I hope this blog finds you shining your light for all to see. I must tell family when reading this you might want a kleenex.

August 7th is the tenth year anniversary of my Mom’s passing. She was born in 1927 and died in 1999. I wanted to dedicate this blog to her. Doesn’t the last one look like there is a spirit beside her? I wonder who it was.

Below is a picture of my Mom’s Family. Her Mom and brothers and sisters.

Ten Years. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that our wonderful Mom decided it was time for her to go to the other side.┬á There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of her. When I’m trying to make a decision I will always hear the song we played at her funeral “I will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan or I see a wonderful Monarch. (See Blog on Mom and Butterflies.) She always gives me an answer when I ask.

When I see my family I see how she lived on through them. Here we all are.

My older brother takes after my Mom in that he is extremely kind and family oriented. He is also the sensitive one out of all of us. My Mom was very sensitive. Being the oldest I think my Mom shared a lot with him. I think they endured the “hard” years together when times were tough. (Although my Mom is looking pretty happening in the picture below.)

They worked together for many years. My Mom was very proud of us all but I think she had a little extra pride in┬á my eldest brother. I think he got his respect for work and providing for his family from my Mom. We would always joke that he was her favorite. I don’t really think she had a favorite though as she could love us all differently as we were all so different.

My sister takes after my Mom in her need to travel and experience the wonderful adventures that the world has to offer. She also wears her heart on her sleeve like Mom and works hard in her job and is always there for others. My sister has a quick wit too. I’m not sure if that is as much from my Dad as my Mom although my Mom was funny but serious in her ways. My sister was probably her best friend. They were so close. Travel buddies. They went everywhere together. It’s strange though I never felt left out or second or anything when it came to the daughter department. It was more like they just were soul sisters somehow.

Here is a picture of my Mom and older Brother and Sister.

My other Brother was really close to my Mom. He lived in Peterborough with her while the others lived in Toronto. Losing our Dad was really hard on my Brother and it doubled when my Mom passed. He would be reminded every day of her not being there. My Brother takes after my Mom in that he would do anything for anyone. He just gives and gives and he does it from a special place in his heart like Mom.

Me I think I had an odd kinship with my Mom. She was always there for me and I knew as long as she was there I was never alone. She is still there I know but its not the same as having her a phone call away. I think my being sick when I was young and being the youngest gave me this bond of protection from my Mom. I was totally spoiled by her. I really believe when she passed over that she sent me my husband to be with me as I was alone many years after my divorce. I don’t think she wanted me to be alone without her. God is good.

I don’t have a picture of my Mom and my brother and I but I found this one of us. Too cute.

We did share one thing in common among us and that was our love for our Mom and when she left she took a little piece of each of our hearts with her.

She welcomed the “inlaws” like they were her own children and I know her passing was as much a loss to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law as it was to all us. Here’s a photo of them to share in this blog.

My Mom never tolerated a fighting family. If one of us even thought of turning on each other she would be in our face. I guess that’s why we all have a great respect for each other. Sure we are all different (me probably being the oddest) but we all get along and love each other. When I hear of families fighting with each other it freaks me out a bit. You only get one family why would you fight? Blood is much thicker than water.

We weren’t sure if Mom knew she was sick. She never told any of us until she was in extreme pain. My sister says there is no way she knew because of the 3P’s. When asked what the 3P’s were she said she ordered a new 5 year passport, got a perm and got her ears pierced. Maybe she knew maybe she didn’t. We will never know.

We always had tons of fun growing up. We weren’t rich and there were some tough times before I was born but we were always fishing or at a someone’s cottage. There was never a dull moment.

Mom was an amazing Grandmother. Here is some pictures of her gorgeous grandchildren. (Hmm check out my son top left pulling his brothers hair. Too funny.)

She never did get to be a Great Grandmother on Earth but I’m sure she is enjoying the privilege in Spirit. Here are her great grandchildren. How proud she must be.

Here’s a crazy picture of us all in the back yard of our house. See my blog for more details on why there was a boat in our back yard. Molly our family dog is right there in the action like always.

Mom left us quickly. We found out one day and two weeks later she was gone from us. One day she was planning a family wedding and then immediately in the hospital so they could maintain her pain. She died of ovarian cancer the night of the┬á wedding. I remember seeing Mom’s in spirit on the dance floor and I said “Mom passed over”. I knew she would show up if she passed over that night for the dancing she loved to dance and sing. She absolutely loved Patsy Cline.

Here’s a funny picture of when we were young of her dancing up a storm with my sister in the background my Grandma looking on wondering probably what is going on here and my Dad on the couch. Check out the furniture. Lots of other dancing photos too!

Her sister sat with her while we went to the wedding. My sister never left her side from the moment she found out except for that night.

I’m sure my Mom would have planned it that way. Sort of how Mother Teresa snuck out at the same time as Lady Diana and how Farrah Fawcett snuck out with Michael Jackson. She didn’t like a fuss and would have wanted it that way.

Mom was such a trooper. She really was. She loved my Dad through thick and thin. She was truly hardy stock my Mom. My Dad was quite a handsome rogue in his day wasn’t he.

My Mom made friends’ wherever she went as she always had a smile on her lovely face. She would help anyone. It was just who she was.

Below is when my Mom’s many friends threw her a shower when we moved into our new home. It was a great idea they all brought a different kind of china cup. I always remember them in their cabinet the different colours and each one different and beautiful in their own unique way.

My sister Diane is gifted in the Poem department and wrote the following for us to remember Mom. It’s funny it reminds me of a Monarch transformation the way it is written.



Nineteen Twenty Seven to Nineteen Ninety Nine

I lived a life that was Divine.


From Soul to Soul

I did my best in each and every role.










Travel Companion



Quote for you:

“The death of a Mother is the first sorrow wept without her.” Author Unknown

God bless you Mom. We love you and Miss you.

Until we Meet again, Sharon

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Butterfly Photo was given by my Nieces’ husband David. It’s beautiful isn’t it. Such Talent.