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Radio Star!

September 18th, 2009 | Category: Giving Away a Dollar a Day,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone.

How are you this glorious day? The energy is shifting I can feel it. Woo hoo!

I’m not sure if you know but I do work for Global Psychics as well as my own site.

I was on the radio the other night (internet radio) with them and I thought maybe you wanted to listen to the program. It’s about abundance which is perfect for this time.

Here’s the link.

Just go to “Ask a Psychic with Danielle” and I was on September 19, 2009.

(I was on before talking about relationships February 4, 2009 and Bobby and I were on together talking about symbols on March 5, 2008. Check them out too. What fun!)

Quote for you:

“It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.” Marilyn Monroe

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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Prosperity Prayer from Joe Vitale

Hi Everyone. How are you? Are you staying positive?

Joe Vitale is always sending out this or that and today he sent out something that I think everyone should look at. It’s a Prosperity Prayer. You can find it on his blog here. It’s free.

It is just a lovely prayer and goes at finding abundance from every angle. I love it. It sings. I was trying to memorize it on the way home so I don’t have to look at the paper.

The person who wrote it is Will Bowen. You can find his website here. His idea is having a Complaint Free World. Wouldn’t that be great.

So that’s it. Just wanted to tell you about it in case you weren’t on Joe’s mailing list.

Here’s a quote for you:

“It’s every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” Albert Einstein

Until we meet again, Sharon


Mothers and Butterflies

May 09th, 2008 | Category: Giving Away a Dollar a Day,Musings by Sharon

Hello my Friends. How nice of you to visit.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mother’s out there.

I wanted to tell a little story about my Mom who is in spirit . My Mother, Frances, slipped from our lives way too quickly. In a total of two weeks she was gone. We all miss her terribly. She was a kind, loving and humble lady who helped everyone. She does visit in dreams and pops in every so often to see me but I so miss her especially when I find myself thinking oh I have to tell Mom and realize I can’t just pick up the phone anymore.

She does live through my sister though. They were very much alike.

Before my Mom passed she promised she would visit us by way of a monarch butterfly. Many a family gathering we would see a lone large monarch come through stopping near each person. That is the reason I have the butterfly to navigate my website. I love to keep her energy with me for good luck.Todd Silva has a great blog and video where a Monarch transforms. Watch it here.

It’s so powerful to watch. Miracles always are.

Here’s a poem my sister wrote that I want to share with you:

Happiness is a Butterfly.

I stopped & realized my cocoon was oh so tight,

It took some will & all my might,

To unravel my wings & take to flight

The beauty & colour a magnificent sight

So FLY, FLY, FLY across the sky.

For all to see

Say, Yes this is me

I’m the best I can be

DL, Toronto

I want to say how blessed I am too that my earth mom Dorothy came into my life when she did. She brought Love and Light and spiritual guidance when I needed it most. She is a gifted brilliant artist and a way ahead of her time.

And last but not least sending blessings out to my mother-in-law. Happy Mothers Day Joan. Thank you for welcoming me into the family.

So I will leave you today with a quote:

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” Abraham Lincoln

Until we meet again, Sharon


Cha Ching!

April 22nd, 2008 | Category: Giving Away a Dollar a Day,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the TPC Blog.

I’m not sure what I’m doing but I seem to be in the zone lately.

It may be because of Give Away A Dollar a Day, or it could be the Teleclass I did with Venus and Summer or a combination of the two but I seem to be in the right place at the right time.

I’m turning 50 in May and my sister is making sure I do something that doesn’t involve being a Wife, Mom, Friend, Business Owner or Employee. She said Sharon we’re going to Las Vegas. Woo Hoo! I guess I’m allowed to be a Sister. As the time nears I was getting a little weirded out as I’m thinking where am I going to get the extra money to go. I do have Faith but sometimes Faith tests you a little harder making you wait until the bitter end.

Yesterday all day long I was seeing the numbers 555. The speedometer said 555, I got in the car at 555, license plates said 555, it was all day. I thought this is just a little too peculiar I’m just going to play them on Pick 3 (probably much to my guides relief as they didn’t have to continue with the 555 business) and I even went a little crazy and played $5 worth. Bingo! It came in. I got $2000. Trip Paid. Manifesto! Is that not the coolest?

People at work are saying “you seem to be really lucky lately” what are you up to. I tell them once again if they want the same luck to just Give Away a Dollar a Day. Their response “I started but it didn’t work so I stopped I wanted my dollar back”. Maybe just maybe you have to give it a longer then a few days and not expect anything back I tell them. So they just rub my arm hoping to take some luck and go back to their work.

Life is Funny isn’t it.

Here’s a good quote:

“God is even kinder than you think.” St. Theresa

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Getting in the Flow by Giving Away a Dollar a Day.

April 06th, 2008 | Category: Giving Away a Dollar a Day

Welcome Back.

This is by far the coolest thing you will ever do.

I have always been interested in new ways to bring the energy of money in my life. It’s not even the money it’s more the fun of doing it. I guess when it works you know it works because it produces something. Gives you proof.

I recently came across Todd Silva’s website.

Todd Silva found himself in a situation where he lost his savings through some bad investments and was left feeling very vulnerable. He surrendered up to the universe and started praying and meditating and he was given the following message: Give Away.A Dollar A Day

He was totally flabbergasted obviously at first saying like there’s nothing there to give but he listened thankfully for the rest of us and the results were spectacular. His life completely changed.

I loved this idea as soon as I heard it. It just made sense. Give and watch what comes back.

The idea of this wonderful gift is that each day you give away a dollar. You don’t control it (oh you will try to) and you leave it somewhere every day. You don’t plan on who gets it or anything.

The whole giving thing opens you up to receiving wonderful things. Todd’s website will explain everything and he never asks you to send him anything which was confirming for me that it works.

The most fun I’m having with all this is watching people’s reactions when I tell them what I’m doing. You really know peoples’ money issues when sharing this way to give and receive. Let’s see I’ve heard: What? Are you Crazy? I’m following you everywhere and taking your dollar? There is no guarantee it wll work? The list goes on and on. All relating to the world not providing enough. Poverty mentality.

Once they see all the wonderful things that start happening though they are the first ones to say “Did you do your dollar today?” It took my husband a week of watching me receive to start. His first week he received a call from a company he’s been trying to into for years. He was on the radio. He won a double jackpot at the casino. His list goes on and on and mine is the same. It just doesn’t stop. You keep thinking…come on it’s just a coincidence… its going to stop. then bam something amazing happens again.

It’s not for everyone although it should be. One of my son’s said “Mom, do you realize that is this much per month, this much per year, with interest you are spending….etc.” My other son said while I was telling him at the bank. Ok and left a dollar at the teller machine. The next day he received some information on a car he was buying that had to be divinely gifted. Everything fell into place. He called and said “It works!”

The first day or so weirds you out a bit but once the energy starts snowballing around you,.you can’t wait to get out there and give away your dollar. I have so much fun with it. I’ve put them in post boxes, shipping boxes, on the street, parking meters. I’ve finally detached from who gets it. Todd says on his blog that there is someone in the US who makes little origami animals out of his dollars and puts them around. We won’t be able to get that creative with our loonie but that’s ok.

There are so many things that have happened since I started doing this. It opens up an unexpected flow of giving and receiving. You have to ask yourself are you willing to give it a shot. I was and I’m glad I did.

Quote to Ponder:

Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege. John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Until we meet again, Sharon.