Jan 15

Bread you Can’t Forget

Hi Everyone.

When I was at the Violet Door this last weekend I noticed that they carry “wood-fired Hearth Bread” now!.

It is only on Saturday’s apparently and it is so yummy!

I got the Rye one.

It was hilarious because I was thinking as it was still hot how I’m going to get it home without eating it all and Joanne said oh just put it in a plastic bag later in the day to keep it fresh! It will be fresh all right because I’ll be eating it within the hour!

When I got home and Bobby and I started into it (yes I didn’t touch it on the drive home) we couldn’t stop! I was slopping butter on it and Bobby had peanut butter!

I think it was the longest we have ever stood in the kitchen (lol) in a while pigging out on our bread.

Is it Saturday yet? I want some more!

Quote for you:

“Eaten Bread is forgotten.” Thomas Fuller

(If we take this literally I’d say not in the case Mr. Fuller (no pun intended))

Until we meet again, Sharon

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