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Fitness Test Fiasco

June 11th, 2010 | Category: Musings by Sharon,whining

Good Morning Dear Friends. How are you this glorious day.

¬†I told you the fitness test would be good blog material and I wasn’t wrong.

I get there and they start with the questions. Please don’t think I’m putting them down for doing their job because when it comes to jobs its a cool job and like I’ve said before whatever pays the bills is a good job.

So he starts: 

What do I eat? How many vegetables? How many fruits? How much exercise? Also he is doing all these gadget tests where I don’t think I was doing all too well on.¬† A daily list of what I¬†eat (good thing it wasn’t today because I think I’ve had a cupcake and a tea all day and its like 5pm). ¬†Who does the cooking (like I’m alive its not me)?

Turns out I have a LOT of body fat and need lots of discipline. 

I said to the guy who was doing my test after he caught his breath about what I do for a living “Psychic Really?” don’t make this a chore for me because I will rebel. Just let me know what I have to do and I will do it. It might take me long but I will do it.

I didn’t finish the tests he made me do and I was fine with that. The guy was shaking his head a bit. He was encouraging but I wasn’t about to do something I really didn’t want to do.

Bobby was horrified and found the whole thing hilarious. You failed a fitness test? I’m like I didn’t fail at all. I’m totally passing I’m at the gym aren’t I? He kind of just shook his head and laughed. ¬†

Today he wanted to get me back there so I didn’t boycott so he’s like let’s just go for a swim and a hot tub and sauna. I’m like NO. Then he got me to say yes by saying something I can never resist even at 52 ¬†“I’ll take you for Kawartha Ice Cream first”. Oh ya I’ve got my stuff together where’s the keys.

So we went. I’m glad we did. The hot tub was so relaxing and I love the sauna. I didn’t exercise but then we might go to yoga tomorrow. I love yoga. Belly Dancing is Monday too. I’m back again.

Quote for you:

“No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change.” ~Bill Phillips~

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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Where’s our Noni Juice

March 02nd, 2010 | Category: Musings by Sharon,whining

Hello Everyone. How are you? Isn’t today wonderful? God is good.

Have you ever tried Noni Juice? It is amazing stuff. You don’t know how amazing until you run out of it and after a few days you start feeling like the magic is out of your step and everything is just harder then it used to be.

We are in that place as our supplier stopped supplying and we are waiting for it to arrive from the company as we had to order it ourselves.

I can’t explain but when I’m taking my little ounce a day I can accomplish anything. I literally do not stop ever and I’m always excited to finish something and start something new but without my Noni I feel like resting a lot.¬† I’m tired and cranky. When I have my Noni I feel at peace.

It allows me to be Pollyanna. Kind of like this:

“In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!” Dr. Seuss

Where or where is our Noni Juice?

So that’s it just wanted to complain a bit to you. Sorry.

Quote for you:

“Oh, wouldn’t the world seem dull and flat with nothing whatever to grumble at?”¬† ~.S. Gilbert

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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Why are the Boobs the First Thing to Go?

November 17th, 2009 | Category: Musings by Sharon,whining

Hello Dear Friends. I got your attention didn’t I?

This blog isn’t going to be too deep in case you are wondering. Man I crack me up.

So this is the scoop. For the blog friends who are just reading my blog for the first time I’ll give you a little background to my madness here.

Recently (in August) I went to this amazing hypnotherapist who in my blogs is called Dr. Angelface. The reason for his incognito name¬† is that it is impossible to get an appointment as he is booked for months in advance. I read somewhere on line that there is a lady in the states who does the same thing and charges $600 an hour. OMG can you imagine? Although I’m sure that’s how much in the end most of these weight loss clinics cost.

So since August I have lost 21 pounds and I feel amazing. I only went to him for weight loss 4 times and I have changed my whole way of eating and never looked back. I went from living on chocolate and sugar to eating healthy, counting calories, exercising (yes exercising), and basically its not a big deal anymore to eat. Now I’m the diet queen so I know what its like to be on a diet and this is nothing like that. It’s like he took me into a space where I got rid of all the garbage that made me eat things I shouldn’t. I said to him its not like you hypnotized me its like you dehypnotized me to remember what I’m supposed to be like. He agreed that this is true. I think he said yes if you overfeed a child it throws up. This is kind of the truth so it made sense to me.

What this email is about is not about whether hypnotherapy works as I’m living proof but its about why does life play these mean jokes on us? I lose the weight and where does it come off the most. My butt you say? NOT. My stomach? NO not at all.¬† My arms? Don’t be silly. It comes off my boobs and my neck. My neck is long anyway (there had to be a hanging in those there past lives) and now its all skinny (and wrinkley I must add) it looks like in those National Geographic magazines where the women put rings on their neck to make it long. Also I kind of liked my boobs¬† before and now they are all kind of deflated.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being thinner then I was and I know without a shadow of a doubt that the weight loss will continue until I reach my goal of 150 but I really wish we got to tell God where we want it to come off of us and where we want it to stay.

So that’s it for me. I’m only being silly here I hope you know. I am totally grateful for everything in my life whether I am big or small and for my health. I’m also grateful that the Universe brought me to Dr. Angelface because without him I would never have had the courage to lose weight.

Two quotes for you today:

“To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.” Mark Twain.

“Life itself is the proper binge.” Julia Child

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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Always Trust Your Gut

October 27th, 2009 | Category: Musings by Sharon,whining

Hi Everyone. How are you doing tonight? Feeling that weird energy. I think Saturn is changing signs. That can’t be easy I’m thinking.

Boo Hoo! I’m so ashamed. I didn’t trust my gut and I could have had over $4,000.

I was getting the number 888 all day today and I thought it was like a lucky sign like “Oh yes look at me I’m going to get abundance in my life.” I can hear my guides now “You pious simpleton what were you thinking?” HA HA.

The pick three was 888. I was thinking of it too I was going to play $8 worth. I cheaped out on myself and now I don’t have my $4,000.

I could have used it SOOO bad too. I feel like a stupid dork.

Oh well on the bright side if it happened once it can happen again hopefully in this century.

God is good.

Reminds me of that story about the man and the boat.

“This man heard a radio report that the river was going to rush up and flood the town. And that all the residents should evacuate their homes. But the man said, ‘I’m religious. I pray. God loves me. God will save me.’ The waters rose up. A guy in a row boat came along and he shouted, ‘Hey, hey you! You in there. The town is flooding. Let me take you to safety.’ But the man shouted back, ‘I’m religious. I pray. God loves me. God will save me.’ A helicopter was hovering overhead. And a guy with a megaphone shouted, ‘Hey you, you down there. The town is flooding. Let me drop this ladder and I’ll take you to safety.’ But the man shouted back that he was religious, that he prayed, that God loved him and that God will take him to safety. Well… the man drowned. And standing at the gates of St. Peter, he demanded an audience with God. ‘Lord,’ he said, ‘I’m a religious man, I pray. I thought you loved me. Why did this happen?’ God said, ‘I sent you a radio report, a helicopter, and a guy in a rowboat. What the hell are you doing here?”

I ask over and over for abundance and then when the Universe sticks it right under my nose I ignore it. What was I thinking.

My son said Mom don’t cry over spilled milk. This irked me even more because he’s right.

Quote for you:

“This is the nature of genius, to be able to grasp the knowable even when no one else recognizes that it is present.” Deepak Chopra

“It is only by following your deepest instinct that you can lead a rich life.” Katharine Butler Harthaway

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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My Chocolateless Sundae.

January 18th, 2009 | Category: Musings by Sharon,whining

Hi Everyone. How are you this snowy day.

My friend Cynthia put a picture of yesterday’s amazing sunrise on her blog. See it here. It’s really hard to be ungrateful when you see things like that.

Contradictory to that, I have to complain about something here and I’m going to sound like a 5 year old so here you have it.

Bobby and I had a craving for ice cream last night (I know snow and cold don’t stop us) and we went to our old favorite (while the kawartha ice cream store is closed anyway) and I couldn’t believe the service.¬† It cost like $10 and Bobby got his blizzard (oops does that give it away) and I got a chocolate Sundae with whipped cream and pecans. Yum Yum.

We are at the cash, Bobby forks over his money for the goods and I notice my Sundae looks sad and nothing like my normal Sundae I get there. I said can you give me a little more whipped cream please. (I mean we paid an extra 49 cents for it right?) This lady comes over whom I’m assuming is the manager and says to us “NO we are allowed only 5 small flowerettes and that’s what you got if you want more it’s another 49 cents.” Now I really don’t care about the 49 cents, hey¬† I just dropped a loonie in the parking lot for my dollar a day, so what’s 49 cents but her whole attitude was starting to get me. The poor people who had to work for her you could see in their faces that they thought she was a nut (pardon the pun). I felt like saying the “power” is inside my Friend but not my business.

So we get home, put on our movie we got at Rogers and I have been anticipating my yummy Sundae all the way home. I looked at my new ring which says on it “wish wish wish” so I could be reminded of staying in the now like my teachings from A New Earth and tried to let go of the upset at the ice cream store and when I opened my Sundae, guess what, no chocolate syrup.

Now this was a test for sure because I was ready to get out of my comfies and¬† back into my street clothes, weather the storm and go get another one. Then I thought I wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway at this point. So I just added the ice cream to Bobby’s blizzard and had nothing. To get rid of the event as best I could,¬† I called the store (#67) and explained what happened. I was thinking the whole time though¬† (i) we’re in a recession, (ii) you have 5 staff on and no one is entering the place (except us), and (iii) it was a simple order, chocolate Sundae needs chocolate syrup, plus the whole fiasco on the whipped cream, (iv) you’ve just lost two customers that will never come back every again. …..Hello, is anyone listening. The girl who answered wasn’t the manager and seemed to be concerned and said I could have a free Sundae next time I’m in. I said no I won’t be back.

I know, in the big picture it has nothing to do with life and I really shouldn’t be whining as my life is a wonderful one, AND my body didn’t need ice cream at the moment anyway but I was truly disappointed in not getting my Sundae.

So that’s it. No more complaining about ice cream anyway.

Quote for you:

“You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.” Proverb

Until we meet Again, Sharon

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Slide Show Blog and The Great Escape.

October 25th, 2008 | Category: Musings by Sharon,Slide Show Blog,whining

Hi Everyone!

So I’m at the Screamworks and guess what there is no one there to do readings on. Tons of kids. So I was patient, I really was. I read two books, did some studying for my classes. Bobby ditched me the first day because he couldn’t take it but I was patient that was until about 3pm today. I was reading the book “The Science of Success” by Wallace D. Wattles and it said “”God, the One Substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. He is saying “I want hands to build wonderful structures, to play divine harmonies, to paint glorious pictures; want feet to run my errands, eyes to see my beauties, tongues to tell mighty truths and to sing marvelous songs.”

Now I might have been using this as my excuse but I thought I really don’t think I’m using my time wisely by sitting here when no one is coming to get readings. It was totally freezing too because they had the door open and I’m not good with cold. I called my brother who came and rescued me and I left. I felt somewhat guilty that I didn’t give it a full chance but the thought of just going home and enjoying my weekend overcame me.

Notwithstanding that the show was an expensive wash for me I did take some pictures and my friend Cynthia showed me how to do this cool slide show thing. Hopefully it works for you. Check out the orbs. Too cool.

A quote for you:

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” Earl Nightingale

Until we meet again, Sharon

P.S. Bobby’s television show went great. He came home and told me he fainted and hit his head. He had me going for a bit. Obviously he is a joker and it was all fine. I can’t wait to see it.

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