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Pink Cup Memories

February 26th, 2013 | Category: memories

Hi Everyone.

Just sitting here at Jester’s Court waiting on my next reading.

This morning my husband brought me breakfast in bed and you can read about that on the Current Buzz but it brought up wonderful memories of my Mother and my childhood.

Every morning my Mom would make my brother and I tea (well half tea half milk) with lots of sugar and in these cute little plastic cups and bring them to my Brother and I in bed to wake us up! Mine was pink and my brothers’ was blue and they were stained from the tea well half of them.

What a wonderful memory.

I am missing my Mom today as I had a wonderful dream about her today. I don’t think it is an anniversary or anything but I sure miss her. Maybe it is Mercury in Retrograde bringing up the past. She was so full of life.

Quote for you:

‚ÄúIf I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.‚ÄĚ -Claudia Ghandi

Funny I was looking for the above quote and it said something about May20thand that is my birthday. Funny co-incadink eh?

Be well dear Friends.

Until we meet again, Sharon

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This Will Crack you Up!

May 03rd, 2012 | Category: Gems Along the Way,memories,Musings by Sharon

Welcome to The Psychic Cottage Blog. So happy you can visit! I so adore you.

So many exciting things happening so I’m hoping you are staying tuned!

As you probably already have been getting the big hints on this blog my other website Sugarmoon Cottage will be up and running I’m hoping on May 12 or 13th! The reason for that is that it is an amazing astrological day! Good time for that.


Also, as you know I have been getting hypnotherapy from the wonderful Dorothy Gagnon and for some reason it is releasing all these wonderful memories that have been stuck in there for years and some of them are really funny.

This morning I thought of such a funny story and while I was cracking up out loud I thought omg blog material.

Beverly is my friend from when we were in grade two. We were inseparable. I remember I would walk her home and then she would walk me home and I think I carried her on my back half the time because she was such a little tiny thing.

We’ve lost touch but she is always in my heart as I think of her often.

Beverly told me years later how we came to be friends as I surely didn’t remember. She said she was new in school and everyone wouldn’t play with her. I had so many friends and I saw that they were being mean to her so I made her my new official best friend. When there was a bit of a stink I was like fine then I won’t be your friend. They caved and then everyone accepted her and she had instant friends. Kind of funny looking back. I didn’t even remember. I guess it was something she carried with her for forever.

In about grade four we had this teacher that we both adored. I think his name was Mr. Baker.

We wanted to do something nice for him so we asked him if we could take him for lunch.

I grew up at Jane and Finch right across from the Jane and Finch Mall right on Driftwood avenue. We were there when it was built and it was really beautiful when it was built. Now its somewhat scary to go there but at the time it was basically all land when we were there in the 60’s. We moved from there when I was in grade 10 I think to Peterborough.

So this poor teacher (who probably wouldn’t have touched that one with a ten foot pole today in fear of being reprimanded) comes with Beverly and I to the mall (walked that’s how close) so we can buy him lunch. We bought him french fries as that was the only money we had and we couldn’t really afford to get anything for ourselves so we sat there and watched him eat.

I can only imagine what he was thinking. Either he thought how do I get out of this or this is so adorable. I really hope he didn’t go home hungry.

Quote for you:

“The events of childhood do not pass, but repeat themselves like seasons of the year.‚ÄĚEleanor Farjeon

Until we meet again, Sharon


Life is Like a Wrinkled Shirt

April 29th, 2012 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Good day everyone. You are looking and feeling wonderful!

I went to visit the lovely Rachel Riordan the creative woman who not only illustrated The Psychic Cottage website but has a wonderful blog called The Stay Lucky and sells her delightful art on her Etsy store called Thrasher and Wren.

She lives in Orono in this amazing house that oozes charm and creativity. You can see her house on her blog above and she is always in magazines.

To the point Sharon…..when I went to visit I¬† went into one of those little used clothing consignment shops and I’m not big on buying used clothes as I always think of the energy of the owner but I saw the most beautiful shirt for $5 I think and fell in love with it.

It was from Sacred Threads.

I love the 70’s and the whole hippy movement and the clothes. So original and pretty and bright and makes you think of love and happiness.

What I found out is that anything pretty usually requires a lot of work.

I washed it by hand and it didn’t look so pretty anymore. This was a squeeze test disaster. The squeeze test is what my sister the beautiful Lavender Lady does when you are out shopping with her. If she squeezes it for a moment or two and it wrinkles she isn’t buying it.

I don’t really have much that I iron. If I do it is probably a once worn disaster in a bag for ironing or I take it to the cleaners. I pulled out my ironing board which was my Mom’s I believe (I couldn’t part with it for some reason) and started ironing.

You know it was really fun and I had the feeling of a wonderful memories from childhood. I started thinking why would I have to iron in childhood? My Dad did construction and I don’t remember too many collared shirts. I was having great fun watching the wrinkles turn into a beautiful blouse and this energy spreading through me. I’m really good at it like how you fold the back collar so it gets ironed perfectly.

Then I thought, hey, my older brother worked in an office I hope I wasn’t ironing his shirts for years.Then I thought I am 53 and maybe everything was wrinkly back then. You know no perma press or something?

I remember too at home between the washer and dryer a huge bucket full of things that needed ironing.

Strange how all these funny things are coming up in my head probably the wonderful work that Dorothy Gagnon is doing with me.

What I’m getting at here is that life is a bit like pretty things that need Ironing. If you spend the time to honour your life and care for yourself and iron out all the little wrinkles¬† that come your way in a gentle loving manner you eventually see how beautiful you were all along.

Quote for you:

“You can’t get spoiled if you do your own ironing.” Meryl Streep

Until we meet again, Sharon


Wedding Memories

March 06th, 2011 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Hello Everyone! What’s cooking? I’m feeling great. Just getting over the cold or flu from h*ll so things are looking up.

I’m back working hard and get some of the backlog done.

My sister sent me the cutest picture today. It’s the night before¬†my wedding¬†to Bobby¬†and I was exhausted I guess. Maybe excited not sure.


We had such a fun time that night. My sister and I stayed at a hotel. She reminded me today about how we were walking through the hotel and something made us look back and I had somehow dropped the bottom half of my dress in the hallway. Now that would of been fun walking up the aisle with half a dress. She always wonders why we looked back at that moment.

Weddings are fun.

My friend Rebecca has a wedding blog and she is documenting the year up to her wedding. It’s called My¬†Walk down the Aisle. It’s lots of fun. Have a peak.

Enjoy the sunshine and we’ll chat soon!

Quote for you:

“Marriage is an Athenic weaving together of families, of two souls with their individual fates and destinies, of time and eternity–everyday life married to the timeless mysteries of the soul.” Sir Thomas Moore

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Wrong Way!

February 27th, 2011 | Category: Gems Along the Way,memories,Musings by Sharon

Hello Dear Friends. Welcome to The Psychic Cottage Blog. I hope everyone is doing super.

The snow is back. Hello!

“Dear God: We are really getting depressed down here can you kindly send us some sunshine, even a little glimpse of what is to come. PLEASE!” There you go I prayed for all of us.

The other day when coming home from a wonderful gig at Eternal Hot Yoga, Carolyn from Sands of Time Tarot, Paul (her wonderful husband) and I came across something that triggered a memory from my childhood.

We were driving on one of the many one way streets in Oshawa and there was a truck facing the wrong way with a police  car in front of it. Somehow the person driving was not there or maybe in the back of the police car.

This event triggered me¬†when¬†in my childhood we lived on a one way street. It was such an event when a car (which they always did) would come up the wrong way. All the kids would jump out to them and shout “WRONG WAY”.

They of course would get flustered and turn at the next street.

No xbox, no cell phones, just get out there and entertain yourself and come back in at lunch. The children today would be horrified with that. It was great fun though.

I was only a young one. Here’s a picture of my Brother and me around that time. Check out my pals waiting for me in the background. I guess I have always been blessed with many friends.

(Love the shoes. I want a pair of those old saddle shoes. I remember my Mom putting white polish on them.)

I was thinking¬† wouldn’t it be great if every time we were going the wrong way in life¬†a bunch of children¬†jumped out onto our path and yelled “WRONG WAY”. Life would be a lot simpler I’m thinking. I guess if we learned to listen to our intuition it actually does happen but then sometimes its hard to do when we think we are in control. Reminds me of something I read about what ¬†Venus Andrect said “God always gets his way anyway”.

I will be interviewing the wonderful Venus this week on The Psychic View. I hope you come its going to be tons of fun.

Quote for you:

“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. i’ll always be with you.” Winnie the Pooh

Until we meet again, Sharon


70’s Fashion Show

January 26th, 2011 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

¬†Welcome to the Psychic Cottage Blog. I’m so happy you came to visit.

My sister sent me the funniest picture. It’s one of me when I was young.

Isn’t that hilarious! Comfort was something¬†I liked I’m guessing. The funny part is I loved those socks. I had a bunch of them. They were so soft. I wish I had them now in short version. You know too that there are clogs on those feet.¬† Those shirts are back now too. Who knew?

Quote for you:

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Clogs & Memories

December 19th, 2010 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Hello Everyone. How are you this snowy day?

My sister sent me this picture and I thought it was so cute. It shows my wonderful clogs that I have written about in my other blog about clogs.

Ahh to be young again.

I sent the picture to my sons to show¬†them how cute I was when I was young and¬†my younger boy¬†wrote back “Hahaha! U were sitting in the dirt! Were u hiiigh Mom?” The kids nowadays surely couldn’t have been hippies at all. High on life my Son high on life. How hilarious is that?

Speaking of hilarious and hippy days I remember having a boyfriend that never wore shoes…like….ever! Looking back I wonder what he did when he went to school? Ahh another blog for another day.

Quote for you:

“Everyone is the age of their heart.”¬† Guatemalan Proverb

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Small Medium at Large

April 23rd, 2010 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Good¬†Evening Dear Friends. Is this not the weirdest Mercury In Retrograde that you have ever felt? I’m feeling almost like I’m suspended in some odd place in time going no where.

I was being reflective today and I was remembering when I was younger that I thought when I retired I was going to get one of those little trailers like this:


and a funky little car like a pink beetle and have them both painted into some sort of funky psychic travelling machines and do readings across Canada. You know stopping along the way and doing readings at craft shows and festivals and such.

Well that was until I met my husband who I don’t think would be onside to this adventure.

There is one of these little trailors on kijiji for sale and it brought up memories of  my dream to do that.

A small funny dream but a fun one just the same.

I really don’t think I’m that brave a soul anyway. I like things grounded and knowing where I’m at. Maybe next life I’ll be a Sagittarius and this adventure would be an easy one.

Quote for you:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Jason Kaufmann

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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Remember When?

April 19th, 2010 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Hello Dear Friends. Welcome to The Psychic Cottage Blog. I hope your day is a blessed one.

I actually wrote this yesterday but hello three blogs in one day not counting the ones I do for another blog was a little much. Time brings out the writer in me.

When Bobby and I were out and I was getting his happy face cake for his birthday I remembered about the most amazing birthday cake in the world from my past. Many moons ago Eaton’s and Simpsons were connected by a tunnel and you could go underneath the street. My Mom and I would go downtown and we would walk through. There would be these little carts zooming by on their way somewhere. I never quite figured the whole thing out but I remember it was such a special time. I’m hoping my memory is serving me right and this is correct.

Where I’m going with this is that Eaton’s had a bakery and they had the most amazing birthday cake. They even had little ones you could get which I have to tell you I have bought even when¬†there wasn’t a birthday¬†in sight. The icing¬†tasted so delicious and hardened a bit when it was there for a day after. I have tasted nothing like these cakes ever again. If someone could duplicate this cake or if anyone knows of anywhere that makes cakes like this please let me know.

I remember too the Christmas Windows in Eaton’s and Simpsons. We would go downtown for the Christmas Parade and look at the windows. What fun.

Simple times really. It must be hard for children now as their lives are so fast. Esther Hicks talks of children¬† coming down¬†computer ready as they are conceived in the time of the current energy so I’m sure a simpler time would make them a little nuts.

What fun to remember these things.

Quote for you:

“Memory is a child walking along a seashore.¬† You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.¬† ~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

Check out Cynthia’s Blog about this blog here.

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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How are your Knees?

April 14th, 2010 | Category: Gems Along the Way,memories,Musings by Sharon

Hello Everyone.

How are you this delightful day?

I was thinking today about something that happened when my older boy was a little guy.

He loved and still loves the Boston Bruins. I took him to go see Bobby Orr and get an autograph. He was a little guy I remember his head barely reached the top of the table.¬†My¬†Son patiently waited and when he finally got to the¬†front he said to Bobby Orr “How are your knees?”. Bobby Orr looked at this little blond cutie of a boy and just cracked up and said “they are fine thank you”. It was so adorable.

Life is like that isn’t it. We carry these little events in our mind that make us smile when we need a smile. How lucky we are.¬† If you stop and think what is happening in order for us to just stop and think about something that happened what 24 years ago its such a miracle.

If you are feeling stuck or sad think of your own miracles and watch your energy shift.

Quote for you:

“To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.”¬† Margaret Fairless Barber,

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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