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Keep On Truckin’

April 12th, 2010 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Good Morning Everyone. Welcome to The Psychic Cottage Blog.

I hope this blog finds you well and happy.

The new newsletter is up so if you haven’t signed up add your email and I will make sure you get it. Even send me a quick email and let me know you want to be on it. It’s a fun one. Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who helped in the Newsletter. Lavender Lady,  Zsuzsana, Eryn, Bear Running, Kris and  Phoebe Sunshine and Angiemae!

I was writing to someone today and I wrote “Keep on Truckin’ ” and I had a major flashback of when I was young.

I’m not sure how it popped out but it just did. It was my favourite saying when I was young I even had a T-shirt.

Isn’t it the best. No matter what is happening in your life just keep on going. Things will get better. They have to. The pendulum can never stay on one side of the fence forever. It’s all about Balance.

Check this out:

How adorable is that?

So my dear friends if things are not going as planned that’s ok just reach forward to a happier feeling and “Keep on Truckin’ “.

Quote for you:

“All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune.” Henry David Thoreau

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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Do you Remember Stovepipes?

April 07th, 2010 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone. How are you this glorious day that the good Creator provided.

I read on a website today “Love what is Now”. How profound is that? We need to enjoy every minute of every day. We never know what this second is leading us to.

Yesterday I was with my Son and he had on these dress pants. I said to him they look like Stoves. By his look I could tell he was thinking “Do I bite on this one or is this just one of those My Mom is Nuts kind of things.” I had to quickly find someone my age to see if I was imagining things and sure enough my “Ex” was in the room so I said “Do you Remember Stoves?”. Sure enough he did and we had a laugh. They were exactly the same dress pants as Stoves. I look it up when I got home to make sure I wasn’t losing it and sure enough they were called “Stovepipe Pants” from the ’70’s.

How old am I eh? I thought it was hilarious. The kids just rolled their eyes and gave me this look of “whatever floats your Boat Mom”.

Life is such Fun!

Quote for you:

“What Goes Around. Comes Around.” Proverb

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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Don’t Go in That Room!

January 27th, 2010 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone.

How are you doing out there? The energy seems to be shifting from that heavy energy that has been hanging around. Maybe its just something that is happening to me but I feel it getting lighter.

Did you get the TPC Newsletter? I hope so. Such fun it was. If you didn’t and want a copy make sure you email me at or you can sign up yourself on the right here where indicated.

I was talking to my friend the other day and we were talking about something from when we were young and I mentioned something to her that kind of cracked me up.

When I was younger I babysat for people which alone cracks me up. This one apartment I went to the lady before leaving said “Don’t go in that Room”. Ya right.

She made such a big issue. I couldn’t wait for the kids to go to sleep to check it out.

At first I was a bit weirded out like what the h*ll is in there right?

Once the kids were fast asleep and I knew they were really asleep I went in. It was wall to wall furniture and junk piled on top of each other. All the other parts of the apartment were neat and tidy but this room was like something blew up. Like a storage unit would look.

I remember when they came back they asked again to make sure I didn’t go in. Nope! Not me.

Too funny the things we remember from our past.

Quote for you:

“To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.” Margaret Fairless Barber

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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January 21st, 2010 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Good day everyone. Welcome to the TPC Blog.

The other day I was chatting with my Hubs about something or other and we were talking about bare feet and he reminded me about something I told him long time ago about an old boyfriend of mine when I was young.

Now you won’t believe this even if I told you but when I was a teenager a lot of people walked around in public with bare feet. It’s not something we would do today and personally I can’t remember doing it myself but it was something that was done.

I was reminded about this time when I was in the hospital and my boyfriend or maybe he was my friend at the time showed up at the hospital with no shoes on.

My father was furious! He couldn’t believe that someone would have the audacity to do that. Looking back it sure was an odd thing to do and totally unhealthy at that.

This guy would walk everywhere barefoot. I wonder what he does today? Interesting thought. I am wondering what he would do at school? Was it allowed back then to go to school with bare feet?

Does anyone else remember this time or was it something that was just happening in my little dysfunctional world at the time. Maybe it was a hippie thing?

Quote for you:

“Forget not that the earth likes to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Kahlil Gibran

Until we meet again, Sharon

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My Lavender Sister

January 18th, 2010 | Category: Gems Along the Way,memories,Musings by Sharon

Welcome to the TPC Blog. I’m so glad you could come visit.

I am very grateful to have many blessings in my life and I wanted to share with you one of the gifts that God gave me in this lifetime and that is the gift of my Sister.

My Sister, you know her on this blog as Lavender Lady, is one of those generous wonderful people that walks our Earth.

I can’t imagine my life without her as she graces me with her sisterly existence.

Lavender Lady is the keeper of the pictures for our family so she is always sending funny pictures to me.  She got that job because she is extremely organized. I am forever calling her saying can you send that picture when this or that happened. She is also the families’ creator of poems.

Check out this picture she just sent of us. Not sure where we were headed but we were happening.

The funny part is my sister probably looks younger today and she’s 60. Always a knock out that one.

Check out the land in the background. You aren’t going to believe where that land is. It’s where the Jane & Finch mall is located now. Times sure change. I grew up there but it was all land back then.

Lavender Sister always had the coolest cars growing up. Austin Minis, TR4’s and I remember she had a carmengia.

She would drive us everywhere. I remember once we had a bunch of us in the Austin Mini and for some reason I remember we looked up and there was a fire engine coming right for us with its siren going. I guess the music was too loud.  We survived though.

My sister loves Lavender. Her dream is to have a little store that only sells Lavender. She has a name for it but I won’t share with you as I don’t want it to get grabbed up. She said if she is ever sick and only has a little time left she wants her husband to paint all the walls lavender, have tons of lavender all around her and everyone to come visit. Not that she’s going anywhere as the world isn’t a world without her in it.

Weird part is my Grandmother used to be the Lavender Lady at the Exhibition just inside the horse building. Family thing I guess this Lavender.

So I guess today I just wanted to share my sister with you. Her picture allowed me to remember how so very lucky I am to have my Lavender Sister in my life.

Quote for you:

“Here’s your sweet lavender
Sixteen springs a penny
That you’ll find my ladies
Will smell as sweet as any.” Lavender Seller’s Cry, London England CA 1900

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Little Trip Down Memory Lane

December 10th, 2009 | Category: Gems Along the Way,memories,Musings by Sharon

Welcome dear friends. How are you this frosty evening.

It sure got cold quick. Not sure I like that.

I was thinking today about when I was younger and how my sister-in-law Darlene and I used to every year go Christmas shopping and we would always go to Swiss Chalet for lunch.

It was a tradition of ours. The funny part is that every year Darlene would get the worst headache from the sauce at Swiss Chalet and she would spend the next day recovering from our little trip.

It didn’t stop us though as the next year we were right there doing the same tradition headache and all.

We would go to the one that was downtown. It’s not there now which is unfortunate as it was really a pretty one.

Come to think of it I think the poor waitresses back then had to wear those silly uniforms with the little white tops. I tried to find one on line to remind you of what they looked like but couldn’t find one.

The fun things you remember when you look back. I haven’t thought about that for years and today it just popped into my head.

Traditions are fun things aren’t they. They make something that’s just simple into something to look forward to and get excited about and remember even when its like 35 years later.

Bobby and I had a tradition of breakfast every Saturday. Since Dr. Angelface I can’t really eat a big breakfast like that and now with Bobby being vegetarian its a tradition that has been broken. We have lots of years to make many more traditions though.

Thanks Darlene for our yearly tradition of Christmas shopping, Swiss Chalet and sorry to say your yearly headache. Love you tons.

Quote for you:

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” Agnes M. Pharo

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Piloga or Motrin? I’ll let you know in the Morning.

October 14th, 2009 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Good Evening my Wonderful Friends. How are you all out there in Blog Land?

I’ve had the worst backache these last few weeks. It’s either stress or a backache. I really don’t know. I’ve had this pain before though. My Friend Kaleigh says I had it when I first got my car Daisy. Something about the structure of the seat and the standard movement.

It’s good to have friends’ with good memories about my ailments.

I have been taking Roboxocet but it makes me high as a kite. I’m not that good with drugs. I have weird reactions.

Honest there’s a reason for me telling you this story I’m getting to it.

Tonight was my special night where I start Piloga. Piloga is Yoga and Pilates. My gracious client and her husband allowed me to take his spot as he didn’t like it. I am very grateful to them for this. Thank you friends.

I really thought I would get there and never get up from the backpain. There were days these last few weeks where my legs were out there and my body was back because I didn’t want to feel the pain of lining them up.

So we were using these fitballs and stretch bands and lying on these matts and slowly my back started to feel much better. Then I thought oh no I took some Motrin before going I hope I am not making it worse but I can’t feel anything?

So I’ll let you know tomorrow if I can walk in the morning.

Yoga has changed so much. The last time I went to yoga is was in a HUGE gym of a school and there were so many women all over the place.

I have to tell you this one story and my sister-in-law is going to string me up for telling you.

Once my sister, sister-in-law and I took a yoga course. We were on our matts and in this weird position where your legs are up and your bum is up, etc. So doesn’t my sister-in-law let out a little toot at one of those quiet moments.  Well I lost it. Totally busted a gut. I started laughing so hard. She played it cool which was a good move because everyone thought it was me. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I still laugh when I think about it. Isn’t that hilarious?

So that’s it. Stayed tuned for the outcome.

Quote for you:

“I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

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Mom – We will Remember you.

Hello my dear blog Friends. I hope this blog finds you shining your light for all to see. I must tell family when reading this you might want a kleenex.

August 7th is the tenth year anniversary of my Mom’s passing. She was born in 1927 and died in 1999. I wanted to dedicate this blog to her. Doesn’t the last one look like there is a spirit beside her? I wonder who it was.

Below is a picture of my Mom’s Family. Her Mom and brothers and sisters.

Ten Years. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that our wonderful Mom decided it was time for her to go to the other side.  There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of her. When I’m trying to make a decision I will always hear the song we played at her funeral “I will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan or I see a wonderful Monarch. (See Blog on Mom and Butterflies.) She always gives me an answer when I ask.

When I see my family I see how she lived on through them. Here we all are.

My older brother takes after my Mom in that he is extremely kind and family oriented. He is also the sensitive one out of all of us. My Mom was very sensitive. Being the oldest I think my Mom shared a lot with him. I think they endured the “hard” years together when times were tough. (Although my Mom is looking pretty happening in the picture below.)

They worked together for many years. My Mom was very proud of us all but I think she had a little extra pride in  my eldest brother. I think he got his respect for work and providing for his family from my Mom. We would always joke that he was her favorite. I don’t really think she had a favorite though as she could love us all differently as we were all so different.

My sister takes after my Mom in her need to travel and experience the wonderful adventures that the world has to offer. She also wears her heart on her sleeve like Mom and works hard in her job and is always there for others. My sister has a quick wit too. I’m not sure if that is as much from my Dad as my Mom although my Mom was funny but serious in her ways. My sister was probably her best friend. They were so close. Travel buddies. They went everywhere together. It’s strange though I never felt left out or second or anything when it came to the daughter department. It was more like they just were soul sisters somehow.

Here is a picture of my Mom and older Brother and Sister.

My other Brother was really close to my Mom. He lived in Peterborough with her while the others lived in Toronto. Losing our Dad was really hard on my Brother and it doubled when my Mom passed. He would be reminded every day of her not being there. My Brother takes after my Mom in that he would do anything for anyone. He just gives and gives and he does it from a special place in his heart like Mom.

Me I think I had an odd kinship with my Mom. She was always there for me and I knew as long as she was there I was never alone. She is still there I know but its not the same as having her a phone call away. I think my being sick when I was young and being the youngest gave me this bond of protection from my Mom. I was totally spoiled by her. I really believe when she passed over that she sent me my husband to be with me as I was alone many years after my divorce. I don’t think she wanted me to be alone without her. God is good.

I don’t have a picture of my Mom and my brother and I but I found this one of us. Too cute.

We did share one thing in common among us and that was our love for our Mom and when she left she took a little piece of each of our hearts with her.

She welcomed the “inlaws” like they were her own children and I know her passing was as much a loss to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law as it was to all us. Here’s a photo of them to share in this blog.

My Mom never tolerated a fighting family. If one of us even thought of turning on each other she would be in our face. I guess that’s why we all have a great respect for each other. Sure we are all different (me probably being the oddest) but we all get along and love each other. When I hear of families fighting with each other it freaks me out a bit. You only get one family why would you fight? Blood is much thicker than water.

We weren’t sure if Mom knew she was sick. She never told any of us until she was in extreme pain. My sister says there is no way she knew because of the 3P’s. When asked what the 3P’s were she said she ordered a new 5 year passport, got a perm and got her ears pierced. Maybe she knew maybe she didn’t. We will never know.

We always had tons of fun growing up. We weren’t rich and there were some tough times before I was born but we were always fishing or at a someone’s cottage. There was never a dull moment.

Mom was an amazing Grandmother. Here is some pictures of her gorgeous grandchildren. (Hmm check out my son top left pulling his brothers hair. Too funny.)

She never did get to be a Great Grandmother on Earth but I’m sure she is enjoying the privilege in Spirit. Here are her great grandchildren. How proud she must be.

Here’s a crazy picture of us all in the back yard of our house. See my blog for more details on why there was a boat in our back yard. Molly our family dog is right there in the action like always.

Mom left us quickly. We found out one day and two weeks later she was gone from us. One day she was planning a family wedding and then immediately in the hospital so they could maintain her pain. She died of ovarian cancer the night of the  wedding. I remember seeing Mom’s in spirit on the dance floor and I said “Mom passed over”. I knew she would show up if she passed over that night for the dancing she loved to dance and sing. She absolutely loved Patsy Cline.

Here’s a funny picture of when we were young of her dancing up a storm with my sister in the background my Grandma looking on wondering probably what is going on here and my Dad on the couch. Check out the furniture. Lots of other dancing photos too!

Her sister sat with her while we went to the wedding. My sister never left her side from the moment she found out except for that night.

I’m sure my Mom would have planned it that way. Sort of how Mother Teresa snuck out at the same time as Lady Diana and how Farrah Fawcett snuck out with Michael Jackson. She didn’t like a fuss and would have wanted it that way.

Mom was such a trooper. She really was. She loved my Dad through thick and thin. She was truly hardy stock my Mom. My Dad was quite a handsome rogue in his day wasn’t he.

My Mom made friends’ wherever she went as she always had a smile on her lovely face. She would help anyone. It was just who she was.

Below is when my Mom’s many friends threw her a shower when we moved into our new home. It was a great idea they all brought a different kind of china cup. I always remember them in their cabinet the different colours and each one different and beautiful in their own unique way.

My sister Diane is gifted in the Poem department and wrote the following for us to remember Mom. It’s funny it reminds me of a Monarch transformation the way it is written.



Nineteen Twenty Seven to Nineteen Ninety Nine

I lived a life that was Divine.


From Soul to Soul

I did my best in each and every role.










Travel Companion



Quote for you:

“The death of a Mother is the first sorrow wept without her.” Author Unknown

God bless you Mom. We love you and Miss you.

Until we Meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

Butterfly Photo was given by my Nieces’ husband David. It’s beautiful isn’t it. Such Talent.


Naked as a Jay Bird

July 30th, 2009 | Category: memories,Musings by Sharon

Hello Everyone.

My sister has been sending pictures as the passing of my Mom is coming up to a ten year anniversary.

It’s fun to look at all the old photos and I will share them with you soon.

She sent one and there is a picture of me up in Sault St. Marie where we spent out summers with my wonderful aunt and I’m naked out there swimming in the water.

Here’s the picture. Now I added a little bathing suit as I might blush but you get the picture. Why was I naked and my cousin has on his bathing suit? Was I that much of a free spirit? Was it my idea? Like really?

I didn’t seem to mind though or even notice. I wish I was that confident now.

Quote for you:

“The freest people I know are those who have the least to hide, defend or protect. Naked is powerful.” Alan Cohen

Until we meet again, Sharon

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Inked Up, Other Stuff and In the Kitchen with Sharon

Hello Everyone Out there. How are you today? I guess I could have separated this blog but I’m feeling all over the place anyway so why not reflect it in the blog.

We’ve had a busy couple of days. Bobby got a tattoo. I couldn’t watch it was creepy. He got a bear paw on his back shoulder. It looks so cool. It’s peculiar to see it on his back though. I guess I have to get used to it. Now he’s in the tattoo mood and wants more of them. I understand it is quite addicting once you get going.

I can’t figure out what I would get so I’m always thinking about it. I would probably get a monarch with a daisy or some keys. I can’t decide and its not something you take lightly. I always wanted something on my left wrist on the side but my son said that’s a bit “tarty” for lack of a better word. Mom’s can be tarty can’t they? I have thought of getting my alter ego my illustrated character from my website but I thought if it messed up it could be disastrous. If Rachel, the gifted illustrator who did the character on my site, did tattoo’s I would totally get it done on my top arm. Like how cute would that be? Of course I would have to start working out before I showed anyone except myself and my better half.

My son has a huge St. Michael on his arm. It takes up his whole arm. It’s quite beautiful like art. They used a freckle from his arm as St. Michael’s belly button. Isn’t that hilarious. I wonder if St. Michael has a belly button? Hmm.

Both my boys are all “inked up”. That’s my new tattoo lingo I learned yesterday.

My other son has a tattoo of a beautiful angel carrying a devil child to paradise hoofed and all who has passed over. I guess the message is the ultimate forgiveness. I’m thinking that’s what my son was thinking when he designed it. I never could get an answer on what it meant or I wasn’t listening. I do that a lot. Maybe its different to everyone.

My Dad had a tattoo on his arm and it was a big black mark and I think he also had Mom on his other arm. I can’t quite remember. I do remember when I asked about the big black crossed out mark it was apparently another woman other than my Mom from before he met her. My mother probably would have said nothing about it anyway. Rumour has it he told her all this information that wasn’t true when they met. What a guy? She was probably still trying to get the real story after being married for eons. He was lots of fun though that Eddie. I was going to get “Bobby’s Girl” on my lower back when we were getting married as a surprise and then I remembered the big black scratched out tattoo on my Dad and thought better of it. What if it brought bad luck.

Enough of that…I also wanted to keep you posted of my adventures with my xpress redi set go grill.

Bobby has now agreed to eat from it even though the adventure with the paint on top. I’m still waiting to hear from the place where I bought it. Obviously complaints aren’t on their first priority. I have to go to the states in the fall so if I see one there in the store I will buy another one instead.

So far I have made omelettes which turn out really great. All fluffy like and we throw in all this stuff. Bobby has decided that he is now a vegetarian so it is hard to figure out what we are going to eat. Yesterday we went for fish and chips and he had chips and coleslaw. I was guilty for a bit until I tasted the yummy fish at George’s in Port Perry. Yum.

Eggs turn out good in the little thing. I tried the poached egg and it kind of just made a mess.

Bobby thought it hilarious when he asked my younger boy if he wanted an omelet and he said no we don’t eat anything my Mom makes we’ve been sick too many times. Bobby is much more brave then them but he never forgets what he said and laughs about it every so often.

What else have we been up to? Bobby has to bring in his motorcycle to the dealer today for a tune up. It won’t start up sometimes. It’s an old bike 25 years old so he needs to get a tune up on it. He loves riding his bike it makes him feel free. Joining the running room…now the tattoo. Geez maybe he’s having a life crisis although he’s only 45 so I don’t think so. Yes he’s 45 and I’m 51.

There are lots of other things but I seem to have the attention span of a goldfish today, so I will leave you now (look a castle, look a castle).

Quote for you:

“There is a natural hootchy-kootchy motion to a goldfish.” Walt Disney

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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