Jan 18

My Lavender Sister

Welcome to the TPC Blog. I’m so glad you could come visit.

I am very grateful to have many blessings in my life and I wanted to share with you one of the gifts that God gave me in this lifetime and that is the gift of my Sister.

My Sister, you know her on this blog as Lavender Lady, is one of those generous wonderful people that walks our Earth.

I can’t imagine my life without her as she graces me with her sisterly existence.

Lavender Lady is the keeper of the pictures for our family so she is always sending funny pictures to me.  She got that job because she is extremely organized. I am forever calling her saying can you send that picture when this or that happened. She is also the families’ creator of poems.

Check out this picture she just sent of us. Not sure where we were headed but we were happening.

The funny part is my sister probably looks younger today and she’s 60. Always a knock out that one.

Check out the land in the background. You aren’t going to believe where that land is. It’s where the Jane & Finch mall is located now. Times sure change. I grew up there but it was all land back then.

Lavender Sister always had the coolest cars growing up. Austin Minis, TR4’s and I remember she had a carmengia.

She would drive us everywhere. I remember once we had a bunch of us in the Austin Mini and for some reason I remember we looked up and there was a fire engine coming right for us with its siren going. I guess the music was too loud.  We survived though.

My sister loves Lavender. Her dream is to have a little store that only sells Lavender. She has a name for it but I won’t share with you as I don’t want it to get grabbed up. She said if she is ever sick and only has a little time left she wants her husband to paint all the walls lavender, have tons of lavender all around her and everyone to come visit. Not that she’s going anywhere as the world isn’t a world without her in it.

Weird part is my Grandmother used to be the Lavender Lady at the Exhibition just inside the horse building. Family thing I guess this Lavender.

So I guess today I just wanted to share my sister with you. Her picture allowed me to remember how so very lucky I am to have my Lavender Sister in my life.

Quote for you:

“Here’s your sweet lavender
Sixteen springs a penny
That you’ll find my ladies
Will smell as sweet as any.” Lavender Seller’s Cry, London England CA 1900

Until we meet again, Sharon



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  1. Lavender Lady January 19th, 2010 3:26 pm

    Hi Sis:

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Too bad Gramma and I did not know that little diddy when we worked at the Ex. We would just scream out “Get Your English Lavender”. (or else?)

    Boy we haven’t changed much.

    Love always, Ld

  2. Sharon January 19th, 2010 10:01 pm

    Hi Lavender Sister. OMG you worked there too? That’s hilarious. OMG did I work there too? Ha Ha.

    For those of you who are enjoying Diane’s poems you can see them on my newsletter which is coming out shortly.

    To make sure you get on the newsletter write to me at info@psychiccottage.com to be put on the list.

    Love you tons Sis.


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