Apr 7

Do you Remember Stovepipes?

Hi Everyone. How are you this glorious day that the good Creator provided.

I read on a website today “Love what is Now”. How profound is that? We need to enjoy every minute of every day. We never know what this second is leading us to.

Yesterday I was with my Son and he had on these dress pants. I said to him they look like Stoves. By his look I could tell he was thinking “Do I bite on this one or is this just one of those My Mom is Nuts kind of things.” I had to quickly find someone my age to see if I was imagining things and sure enough my “Ex” was in the room so I said “Do you Remember Stoves?”. Sure enough he did and we had a laugh. They were exactly the same dress pants as Stoves. I look it up when I got home to make sure I wasn’t losing it and sure enough they were called “Stovepipe Pants” from the ’70’s.

How old am I eh? I thought it was hilarious. The kids just rolled their eyes and gave me this look of “whatever floats your Boat Mom”.

Life is such Fun!

Quote for you:

“What Goes Around. Comes Around.” Proverb

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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