Sep 18

Radio Star!

Hi Everyone.

How are you this glorious day? The energy is shifting I can feel it. Woo hoo!

I’m not sure if you know but I do work for Global Psychics as well as my own site.

I was on the radio the other night (internet radio) with them and I thought maybe you wanted to listen to the program. It’s about abundance which is perfect for this time.

Here’s the link.

Just go to “Ask a Psychic with Danielle” and I was on September 19, 2009.

(I was on before talking about relationships February 4, 2009 and Bobby and I were on together talking about symbols on March 5, 2008. Check them out too. What fun!)

Quote for you:

“It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.” Marilyn Monroe

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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