Apr 22

Cha Ching!

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the TPC Blog.

I’m not sure what I’m doing but I seem to be in the zone lately.

It may be because of Give Away A Dollar a Day, or it could be the Teleclass I did with Venus and Summer or a combination of the two but I seem to be in the right place at the right time.

I’m turning 50 in May and my sister is making sure I do something that doesn’t involve being a Wife, Mom, Friend, Business Owner or Employee. She said Sharon we’re going to Las Vegas. Woo Hoo! I guess I’m allowed to be a Sister. As the time nears I was getting a little weirded out as I’m thinking where am I going to get the extra money to go. I do have Faith but sometimes Faith tests you a little harder making you wait until the bitter end.

Yesterday all day long I was seeing the numbers 555. The speedometer said 555, I got in the car at 555, license plates said 555, it was all day. I thought this is just a little too peculiar I’m just going to play them on Pick 3 (probably much to my guides relief as they didn’t have to continue with the 555 business) and I even went a little crazy and played $5 worth. Bingo! It came in. I got $2000. Trip Paid. Manifesto! Is that not the coolest?

People at work are saying “you seem to be really lucky lately” what are you up to. I tell them once again if they want the same luck to just Give Away a Dollar a Day. Their response “I started but it didn’t work so I stopped I wanted my dollar back”. Maybe just maybe you have to give it a longer then a few days and not expect anything back I tell them. So they just rub my arm hoping to take some luck and go back to their work.

Life is Funny isn’t it.

Here’s a good quote:

“God is even kinder than you think.” St. Theresa

Until we meet again, Sharon

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