Jan 18

My Chocolateless Sundae.

Hi Everyone. How are you this snowy day.

My friend Cynthia put a picture of yesterday’s amazing sunrise on her blog. See it here. It’s really hard to be ungrateful when you see things like that.

Contradictory to that, I have to complain about something here and I’m going to sound like a 5 year old so here you have it.

Bobby and I had a craving for ice cream last night (I know snow and cold don’t stop us) and we went to our old favorite (while the kawartha ice cream store is closed anyway) and I couldn’t believe the service.┬á It cost like $10 and Bobby got his blizzard (oops does that give it away) and I got a chocolate Sundae with whipped cream and pecans. Yum Yum.

We are at the cash, Bobby forks over his money for the goods and I notice my Sundae looks sad and nothing like my normal Sundae I get there. I said can you give me a little more whipped cream please. (I mean we paid an extra 49 cents for it right?) This lady comes over whom I’m assuming is the manager and says to us “NO we are allowed only 5 small flowerettes and that’s what you got if you want more it’s another 49 cents.” Now I really don’t care about the 49 cents, hey┬á I just dropped a loonie in the parking lot for my dollar a day, so what’s 49 cents but her whole attitude was starting to get me. The poor people who had to work for her you could see in their faces that they thought she was a nut (pardon the pun). I felt like saying the “power” is inside my Friend but not my business.

So we get home, put on our movie we got at Rogers and I have been anticipating my yummy Sundae all the way home. I looked at my new ring which says on it “wish wish wish” so I could be reminded of staying in the now like my teachings from A New Earth and tried to let go of the upset at the ice cream store and when I opened my Sundae, guess what, no chocolate syrup.

Now this was a test for sure because I was ready to get out of my comfies and┬á back into my street clothes, weather the storm and go get another one. Then I thought I wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway at this point. So I just added the ice cream to Bobby’s blizzard and had nothing. To get rid of the event as best I could,┬á I called the store (#67) and explained what happened. I was thinking the whole time though┬á (i) we’re in a recession, (ii) you have 5 staff on and no one is entering the place (except us), and (iii) it was a simple order, chocolate Sundae needs chocolate syrup, plus the whole fiasco on the whipped cream, (iv) you’ve just lost two customers that will never come back every again. …..Hello, is anyone listening. The girl who answered wasn’t the manager and seemed to be concerned and said I could have a free Sundae next time I’m in. I said no I won’t be back.

I know, in the big picture it has nothing to do with life and I really shouldn’t be whining as my life is a wonderful one, AND my body didn’t need ice cream at the moment anyway but I was truly disappointed in not getting my Sundae.

So that’s it. No more complaining about ice cream anyway.

Quote for you:

“You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.” Proverb

Until we meet Again, Sharon

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