Apr 14

How are your Knees?

Hello Everyone.

How are you this delightful day?

I was thinking today about something that happened when my older boy was a little guy.

He loved and still loves the Boston Bruins. I took him to go see Bobby Orr and get an autograph. He was a little guy I remember his head barely reached the top of the table.┬áMy┬áSon patiently waited and when he finally got to the┬áfront he said to Bobby Orr “How are your knees?”. Bobby Orr looked at this little blond cutie of a boy and just cracked up and said “they are fine thank you”. It was so adorable.

Life is like that isn’t it. We carry these little events in our mind that make us smile when we need a smile. How lucky we are.┬á If you stop and think what is happening in order for us to just stop and think about something that happened what 24 years ago its such a miracle.

If you are feeling stuck or sad think of your own miracles and watch your energy shift.

Quote for you:

“To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.”┬á Margaret Fairless Barber,

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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