Feb 26

Pink Cup Memories

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Hi Everyone.

Just sitting here at Jester’s Court waiting on my next reading.

This morning my husband brought me breakfast in bed and you can read about that on the Current Buzz but it brought up wonderful memories of my Mother and my childhood.

Every morning my Mom would make my brother and I tea (well half tea half milk) with lots of sugar and in these cute little plastic cups and bring them to my Brother and I in bed to wake us up! Mine was pink and my brothers’ was blue and they were stained from the tea well half of them.

What a wonderful memory.

I am missing my Mom today as I had a wonderful dream about her today. I don’t think it is an anniversary or anything but I sure miss her. Maybe it is Mercury in Retrograde bringing up the past. She was so full of life.

Quote for you:

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” -Claudia Ghandi

Funny I was looking for the above quote and it said something about May20thand that is my birthday. Funny co-incadink eh?

Be well dear Friends.

Until we meet again, Sharon

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