Jul 25

Seven Thunders Publishing – Robert Camp

Good Morning Everyone. The birds are chirping it’s a good day I’d say. Bright Blessings to everyone.

I wanted to tell you about something cool I found on line.

The work that Robert Camp does is absolutely profound. I’ve studied it through one of his students and have never looked back. Playing cards have always been fascinating to me and when I bought and read his many books I realized why.

I read once that all the secrets are in the playing cards. I think the story I read was something about everything being destroyed and where to hide the secrets. If I recall correctly it was decided to put all the secrets into playing cards as they will be played forever and then the secrets protected. I’m not giving the story justice (and I did try to look it up to find where I read it) but the idea is there for you.

Robert Camp confirms this to be true. Through his books you can find out so much about yourself and others. Especially when going through a rough patch or to motivate you for the future.

This is one tool I would find it hard to be without.

SO….when I went onto the Seven Thunders Publishing site as I do daily to get my daily card I found out much to my excitement that he is offering a free on line course.

Check it out here:  Seven Thunders Publishing

This is a major gift you can give yourself. The information is very valuable.

God Bless you Robert Camp for this generous gift.

Quote for you:

“I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.” Abraham Lincoln

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

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