Jul 7

In the Kitchen with Sharon

Hello Everyone. How are you this glorious day.

So I thought I was doing really well with my Xpress Redi Set Go (“XRSG”) and I had a strange day with it.

I made a pizza early afternoon for Bobby and it went well. Considering that I didn’t really have pizza supplies and compromised a bit and considering that I thought Bobby would just feed it to our dogs I didn’t put my heart into it.

Actually it turned out pretty good. They are mighty small and Bobby asked for another. I thought that was a good sign. I was a bit confused because it wouldn’t work at first and then I realized I didn’t have it turned on. Yes I told you before cooking isn’t my thing.

Then when I got home later in the evening he asked for another. I brought home all the right fixings for the pizza like real sauce etc and it turned out pretty good. You can’t go crazy on the cheese though.

The dough was nice and light that I made.

Then the trouble began. I thought what about a few potatoes from a can. I’m not sure if it overheated from making a pizza and going right into potatoes but there was this smell of paint burning and then I looked on top and the paint was pealing off the top? I’m not sure how it got so hot?

Bobby at this point was that’s it I’m not eating out of it ever again. My heart was broken.

What happened? All my dreams crushed in an instant?

I’ll see what happens tomorrow when I make an egg. I put a complaint into the complaint department to see if mine is defective.

My heart is broken. I thought this was my entrance way into cooking.

Quote for you:

“If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway.” Murphy’s Law

Until we Meet Again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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