Sep 27

Zen and the Art of Kitty Litter

Hello dear Friends.

I got your attention didn’t I. As you know the strangest things amuse me.

I have been spending time with my grand cats and I am so fascinated with the whole kitty litter ritual.

I asked my Friend Kaleigh if she thought a blog on “Kiddy” litter would be too out there. She said it would be really “out there” if you wrote “Kiddy” instead of “Kitty”. Oops.

Here’s a few of the strange things I have observed while watching the cats with the kitty litter:

* cats don’t like the litter to be even it must have foot prints;

* cats find it fun just to sit in there either alone or they join each other for a social event and smooch, or is it clean each other, not sure, looks like smooching;

*cats must “use” clean kitty litter immediately;

* cats must smell their “droppings” after;

*cats like to dig in there; my friend Kaleigh says to her cats what are you doing digging for China?;

I could go on and on.

What I do is every time I go visit the cats I clean the litter. I don’t remember changing the litter hourly when having cats when I was younger and I really don’t remember it being so easy. I just remember this awful amonia smell from the litter. Times have changed.

So I clean the litter while sitting with them with this little plastic tool I bought.

This leads to both the cats having to take their turn and messing it up by using it immediately. I then do it all over again and this goes on until I finally give up and/or end my visit with them.

I find it strange that they try and use the carpet outside the box to cover their “droppings” or the hard plastic on the side of the box. Obviously not the sharpest tools in the shed as my friend Terry would say.

I just know for sure that after I go they get on the cat phone and call their friends on speaker cat phone. Here’s how the conversation goes:

“You should have seen the old broad she was digging in there like she was panning for gold. We got her to go in almost 5 times we just couldn’t produce any more to make her do it again. What is the record anyway? Then, get this, she has to smooth out the litter like she’s making a Zen sand garden or the potato on sheppard’s pie. We can’t wait until she’s finished with her perfection to jump in and do our best. We’re saving up for next time we’re sure we can beat the record.”

Today’s quote is from a t-shirt on cafe press:

“What happens in the litter box stays in the Litter Box.”

Until we meet again, Sharon

P.S. I promise I’ll think of a better subject next time.


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  2. Sharon September 28th, 2008 4:22 am

    Too funny eh?

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