Mar 16

Switching Fear into Pleasure & The Movie Superstar

Welcome Everyone.

How are you all keeping out there. The energy seems to be revving up a bit. That’s a good thing. It sure was getting heavy out there.

I watched the other day one of my favorite movies. Superstar. If you haven’t watched it you have to give it a go. It’s hilarious.

Ok, its ridiculous and parts are a little embarrassing but its so funny.

My favorite part is when the two main characters are sitting in church and they get sad so they say they need a break and they pretend they are super models. The one girl says something like “I was just walking down the street and this man comes up to me and says do you want to be a supermodel and I said sure and here I am”.

I’m thinking of this movie because I’m thinking of how our minds can switch and make things ok when a second ago they weren’t. I think its called a paradigm shift. It’s like switching something that causes us fear into something that causes us pleasure.

An example would be a lady at work kept seeing 11:11. She was getting nervous about it. Obviously the more she feared it the more it showed up which is exactly what happens with fear. The lion walks right up to us and says are you scared yet. She asked me about it and I said oh that’s very powerful its the minute when the angels are listening to our prayers. Whenever I see it I stop what I’m doing and I pray for that minute. That’s what I was taught anyway.

Right then and there she did a shift. These numbers no longer caused fear but gave her a moment of pleasure. Now she gets excited when she sees them.

At my church class last week Rev. Joe brought in a hypnotherapist to talk to us. This is exactly what he does. He takes something that makes us paralyzed and changes it into something else. He actually took a lady who had a fear of snakes that almost paralyzed her. You could feel her shake when he talked about it. He turned it around very quickly to be something funny. After that every time he would bring up snakes to her she would laugh. Just being in that class I cannot think of a snake without laughing either. Not that I had a fear of snakes but now I can’t think of a snake in any other way.

Is that all it takes? I know we have to be a willing participant but hey I’m thinking its worth a try.

The mind is an amazing thing isn’t it. It was funny the other day Bobby and I were driving up to Rama and I got out Maggie, my GPS, and it said we would arrive in 15 minutes. Both Bobby and I were excited wow its so close. Even though we knew in our heads that it was more than an hour away we allowed something outside ourselves to override our logic. Finally I thought OH I didn’t put it on day light savings time but for that little bit our minds really thought it was closer then is was. Now you might be out there thinking “Doh” maybe you guys are just not the sharpest tools in the shed (as my friend Terry would say) but it wasn’t that. It was something outside of us that we trusted to be the truth overriding our own logic.

The reason I’m boring you with this is that we really can’t take life too seriously. If things can be changed in an instant just by how we are looking at it then how can anything really be real.

I am obviously taking out of the equation major hardships here although I’m thinking it could work. I’m talking the day to day things from our past or present that we take so seriously and the things that keep us back from moving forward.

So let’s be grateful and all raise our vibration and move forward. Let’s see prayers instead of fear. I really believe Spirit is always listening and the 11:11 is just our reminder to pray not theirs to listen. Nonetheless it never hurts to pray.

Quote for you:

“Never fear shadows…they simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby.” Unknown

Until we meet again, Sharon

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