Mar 15

Let’s All Be Open to Receive.

Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful day it is. Spring is on its way, finally. Can you believe it? What a long haul of a winter. I thought it would never end.

I have to tell you about my Grandcat, Hazel. (To see more about my Grandcats with pictures see here.)

She goes into heat sometimes and I understand it to be quite uncomfortable so when I go up to their apartment to be with them and visit I usually do a little Reiki on her to make her feel better.

The funniest part is now when I go up she runs immediately from the door to her window seat and lies down on her back puts back her head and  opens her legs and arms so that her tummy is fully exposed for me to do Reiki on her. It is totally hilarious to watch. My other grandcat, Blueberry kind of looks at her like she’s totally lost her nut but she doesn’t care she lies there and even after I’ve done the Reiki she stays there. How funny is that?

I’m learning from my little furry friend and I think we should all be doing that. Opening up our arms wide to the universe and say “Today I am open to receive all the Gifts that are Mine by Divine Right. Thank you Universe.” Would the world not be a better place?

Quote for you:

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” Eden Phillpotts

Until we meet again, Sharon

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