Feb 5

A Bug’s Life.

Hello my Sweet Friends. How are you all doing? I can feel the February energy sneaking in. With the fear generated from the media recession and it being cold and February the energy is starting to get a little murky. Hopefully it will switch up soon.

So I have another strange story for you.

Today I printed something at work and the weirdest thing happened.

Keep in mind I’m the earliest one there. I get there at 7 am because I don’t do well in traffic. I can only listen to my meditation tapes for so long before the “ok come on let’s go” comes out of me. My road rage slips out before I can catch it.  Nothing drastic more impatience than anything.

I was looking at my sheet I got from the printer doing my work thing when I noticed something kind of gross on it.

I looked more carefully and it was an actual bug that had somehow got in the printer and it was a squished bug, legs and all, with this goo that had come out of him or her (let’s assume it’s a he) via its head and there was a tinge of red which I assume is bug blood. The strangest part is he kind of got cooked on the paper which made him into a piece of art. God Art as all are his (ok I’ll keep with the theme and assume God is a he here) creatures.

Now I could have just went “Egads” and settled at “Euew” and thrown it away, after of course showing everyone at work to get things going, but I started to think about things and how life is kind of like that. One minute you are doing your “bug thing” thinking this is kind of cool and the next minute you could be in spirit saying oops “I wasn’t expecting that one” (I took that line from Hurley on Lost).

I started thinking what was the bug doing in the printer? Did he fall? Did he think there was bug food in there? Was he an adventurous bug?

Then I started thinking about something I’ve pondered for a while that might be a good healing tool and that is “freeze framing” your life.

I started a book on it some time ago and I’ll dig it out and have a look and see where I’m at with it. Maybe the time has come. I think I called it A Slice of Life which can’t be done now because of Dexter’s boat.

The idea is take a freeze frame or slice of your actual life at this moment. What needs to be changed? What needs to stay and you are grateful for? What are your dreams?

Then create another freeze frame or slice in the future and make it exactly how you want it. Then meditate on that future freeze frame slice and make it happen.

Dealing with everything. What you would be doing this actual moment if all this slice was in place. Such fun to do things like that.

I know what you are thinking. Geez it must be hard to be her.  I’d of thrown the bug out and that would have been the end of it.

So there you have it. The Day the Bug Got Squished. Hey that’s a good name for my book?

Quote for you:

“If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” American Quaker Saying

Until we meet again, Sharon

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