Jan 11

They are Just so Darn Cute.

Hi Everyone.

How are you this Lovely Day?

Don’t you just love USB Keys. Well I do have a thing for keys in general (especially old antique ones) but for some reason USB keys are so much fun for me.

I usually by accident call them UBS keys and people look at me strange (stranger then normal). They can be made into anything. Staples had ones that were little animals. Like frogs and such. I didn’t get one because I thought I was being extravagant as I already have one but how cool is that?
Timing is everything with these little USB keys. Usually around Christmas and when kids go back to school the funkier ones come out. I’m going to pay attention around Halloween because how cute would a witch one be.

I read on line that they are coming out with a necklace with a USB key in it. Kind of odd and wonderful.

I was looking everywhere for a USB pen. I know they sell them. I guess I haven’t looked too hard. It might be easier to lose in a pen though. Here use my pen and then you forget to get it back and half your world is gone.

I love lots of information for some reason. Organizing it is even better. For people who know me I’m not talking my home here…ok…. I’m talking information ok. (Inside joke)

I know if someone is young and reading this they are probably rolling their eyes as they were brought up in this fast paced world but I am fascinated with all these little gadgets. I think it’s just really cool that this little thing can carry information around for you. Like a secret little computer of information. So very Dick Tracy.

I know I’m odd. I just see the marketing potential in things. Like Kleenex boxes too. I wish that was my job designing them or I could find a place that would let me make my own. I have so many ideas that would be just so darn cute.

Quote for you:

“Home is where you hang your @.”~Author Unknown

Until we meet again, Sharon

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