May 5

Who Knew Bullies didn’t like to be Patronized?

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Howdy Pals.

I was talking the other day with my hubby about how I just say what I want to say and maybe I have to be a bit careful because you never know how people are going to react. He told me his Dad would always say you never know who you are talking to.

Like the time when this young girl threw her empty drink out the window and I stared at her outside of her car until she opened the door to pick it up. I got my little dig in too about her future children living in a wasteland.

Isn’t this just a right you get when you get old to be a bit cranky and righteous?

Reminds me of that joke when the old lady was going to pull into a parking spot in the mall when a young lad pulls his sports car into the spot before she can park and says it pays to be young when she takes her car and smashes into his sports car and says it pays to be old too.

No sooner had we talked about this when yesterday it happened again.

I was at a light deciding whether I can go left on a red light onto a one way street. . Let’s face it I got my license at 16 and I’m 58 I can’t remember. (I’ll study again when I turn 85 and have to get my license again.) So while I’m thinking whether to take a chance and go I hear beeping behind me from a big truck. I’m thinking this guy must have his pregnant wife in the car or something rushing to the hospital.  By then the light was green so I mosey along, turn the corner and then drive up to a yellow turning into a red for which I stop instead of flying through the  yellow. Well this big truck comes up around me and the guy starts screaming at me “LEARN TO DRIVE WHEN YOU ARE IN OSHAWA!!!! YOU CAN TURN ON A ONE WAY AT A RED!!!! CURSING AND SWEARING. RACKA RACKA RACKA!!!”.

I react to him like the sloth on Melatonin I am and smile and say to him “Buddy buddy you’re going to make yourself crazy if you act like this for such a small thing”. Oops who knew that wasn’t the thing to say to someone with road rage. I think I saw smoke coming out his nose when he drove forward ninety miles an hour still screaming at me.

I thought oh God please don’t let him get a speeding ticket he’ll go crazy!

I just thought the whole thing funny and I had a great appreciation of my ability not to get excited about small stuff but I think he’s still seething and telling this story to everyone who will listen. I’m gathering he doesn’t have a blog to tell his story.

I guess there but for the grace of God go I..

Quote for you:

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” Pema Chödrön

Love you!

Until we meet again, Sharon

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