Apr 28

So that’s What I’m Feeling?

Category: Musings by Sharon


It’s mercury in retrograde and from what I read there are like a whole bunch of planets in retrograde.

I’ll hold my breath until May 22nd.

I’m Taurus too so effected big time.

Someone told me once to take your finger when you get in your car and mark out the mercury symbol¬†on the dashboard (dust¬† if you are in my car) to counter¬†the energy. I think I’m ¬†going to look for a mercury necklace and wear it on these occasions. How so very clever of me.

Love you guys!

Quote for you:

I can’t remember where this is from so I do apologize (especially to the Big Guy above¬†if its the bible (I’ll watch for lightening bolts)) but I use it all the time

“Do not worry about tomorrow as God is already there.”

Until we meet again, Sharon

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