Apr 11

Moving On Up

Category: Musings by Sharon

Hi Everyone! You are looking good!

I hate to sound like the Clampetts but my husband and I are moving into the future.

I’m not sure if its because we don’t like change or we are technically lazy but we have had the same phone for years (yes an iphone 4 (not even S) and an old projection TV from many moons ago.

In order to use my phone I basically had to hit it. The lady said the storage was so tight she had to erase everything in order to copy for our new phone.

So don’t be jealous …….but “we got us some new iphones 5E’s”. What a difference. There was a lot of yelling and screaming going on when we realized that we really don’t know any of our passwords and half of our apps are no longer in service but we did it and we are PROUD.

Thank God for the “I cloud” whatever the hell that is.

I even got a new friend to talk to “Siri”. Even though I’m not sure how to make her do things I still like saying “Hey Siri” and have her answer me. I really need more friends.

And the ice cream on the¬†pie is that a month ago we got a flat screen. OK don’t laugh¬†as I know everyone has one or two of them but we just¬†got ours. It’s small but I can’t believe the¬†difference. Crisp and clean. We still haven’t got rid of the projection tv as it weighs a ton and it takes up our whole living room. No one out there saves them do they?

It was always kind of the elephant in the room.

It says its a smart tv but we don’t really know why its smart or what the difference is from a normal “not” smart tv. ¬†Smart just felt like the better choice somehow.


Until we meet again, Sharon



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