Apr 4

Future Self

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Hi Everyone.

I can’t believe we have snow. How strange is that? I told Bobby he has to buy me a pressie because it looks a bit like Christmas. Don’t think he went for it.

So last night I lay my head to sleep (how poetic) and like any other night the spirits start coming usually I just ignore and try and get some rest or tell them to leave me alone but this time it was different.

This lady was very persistent and she was walking towards me. She was dressed in this wonderful silk top (that had a matching long maxi silk top over that went down almost to her ankles) with great shoes and smiling from ear to ear. As she got closer into view I noticed she looks like me. I was a little confused as she gets clearer and sure enough it was me. I asked her who are you thinking maybe a guide or something as I don’t have that outfit or those wonderful shoes and she said “I’m your future self”.

I was trying so hard not to lose the connection so I believe I drifting into a semi sleep but I was very much aware.

She took my hand and lead me into the future. Earth’s future I guess.

It was amazing. I had grandchildren. I visited family. The Psychic Cottage was in a huge house which operated as a café and store and lots of events. There was an apartment over. She told me that this was for convenience that there was a house on water. She showed me everything.

I asked her how old she was and she said 68 (I’m 58 now).

Was it real? I have no idea. She eventually got sick of my questions and I guess I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with a wonderful feeling. I’m so glad I remembered the conversation. First that I’ll last to 68 and how my children had blossomed even more than they have now. Plus I think I looked better then than I do now.  I guess I should have asked how I do it.

Doreen Virtue has a wonderful meditation which I think is called Manifesting with the Angels and she takes you into your future that you want. It was almost like this but backwards as I wasn’t even thinking about anything like this. If you ever get a chance to do this meditation its a wonderful exercise in asking spirit for what you want.

So if you see me today and I have this weird look on my face (weirder than normal) realize that I saw my future and I like what I see.

Quote for you:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Until we meet again, Sharon

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