Mar 27

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter Dear Friends.

Easter has it all doesn’t it? Reflection, transformation, family, friends, bunnies, chocolate couple of days off to think about all this magic.

I was kind of thinking the last few days about manifesting and how come certain things don’t come to fruition no matter how many times we ask for it.

Are we asking wrong? Are we misguided about what we need in our life? Are we asking for a new pair of shoes when we should be asking how we are going to feel when we get those new pair of shoes? “I want to feel beautiful and fancy and walk like I own the world in my new pair of Fluevogs.” Wow not sure where that came from.

I kind of live the idea that if its hard stop pushing (my frustrated head against the wall) trying to get it. I found in my life that whenever I do this “I need it now” and its not happening fast that its probably not meant to be. After all if we knew the way we’d already be there.

I think of all the times that if I got my stubborn way I would have been in somewhat of a pickle and the wonderful things that happened after couldn’t have happened because I’d be back stuck┬áat that place I thought I belonged.

Then when its meant to be “like the Midtown Centre store” it happens with grace and ease. God in action. The universe pulling all the stops to make it happen.

Why is it that sometimes its hard to look at where we are and say “I’m ok right here right now. I’m content until the┬ánext┬ádream┬ácomes in.” Still having the vision but not being unhappy until it gets there.

And when it gets totally confusing for me I go back to the place that says “It’s all an illusion Sharon! It’s only happening because I created it.” That seems to put me in my place.

Have a wonderful Easter be nice and love as many people as you can because really what else is there.

Quote for you:

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” Winnie the Pooh

Until we meet again, Sharon


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