Mar 20

My Daily Fortune is a Guru

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Hello Dear Souls. How goes it?

I have this wonderful app on my Ipad called Daily Fortune and all I have to do is put my thumb on it to reveal my fortune. Usually its kind of loose but today it was spot on.

It said “Throw out those rags you call shoes and buy a new pair.

It must be real because its even Friends and Family day at Softmoc  this morning!

Diane (my sister) stop laughing, haha.

OK I wouldn’t say my Blundstones are rags but I have to listen.

Actually since getting my Blundstones I never wear anything else. They are like custom pillows for your feet and they look all bad a** to go with it.

Ok I talked myself out of new shoes until next fortune time but it was a spooky co-incidence.

Here is last weeks sign at The Psychic Cottage. I’m switching every Sunday just to freak out the “normies” (if there’s such a thing).  It’s fun being in a mall because absolutely no one expects a psychic in a mall. I can hear people say “omg a Psychic?”. What fun thanks Max for taking a chance on me.


Oh does the fun ever stop!

Quote for you:

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

Until we meet again, Sharon.

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