Mar 18

Lily Gets a checkup

Good morning. I spent my morning waiting for our lovely Lily Mirage to get its check up.

I love this car. We had a blue one before and my husband got in an accident which pushed him into another car and out he walked no harm done. Car was totalled but as long as my hubby was fine. Now we have a white one.

When she was in they said there are two recalls. Does that ever just make you a bit leery? It didn’t sound like much when he explained it and I’m glad they are on the ball but makes you wonder what else is going on in these cars of ours.

When I get in any car I ask Archangel Michael to be there and protect the car and the people in it and the people all around ending with “Archangel Michael with your sword of cobalt blue please protect us” making a swooping motionĀ with my arm.

Crazy probably but it does give me comfort.

Last night I had the craziest dreams. What was up with the planets? They were like nightmares with a bizarre touch.

If they have anything to do with what my subconscious is thinking I’d say I’m a bit messed up!

Nothing else much to chat about. I’m having a well deserved day off.

Be happy.

Quote for you:

ā€œRest and be thankful.ā€ William Wordsworth

Until we meet again, Sharon

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