Jun 2

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June 2, 2013

Hello Dear Friends.

“It’s always best to start at the beginning — and all you do is follow the Yellow Brick Road” Glinda Good Witch

Long time no write. I do apologize.

Just to keep you updated. I moved out of the Violet Door on May 31st due to some health issues. It was sad to leave my dear friends Joanne and Brian.

I will continue out of the l’il Psychic Cottage until the end of June and then I will be working out of another location which I will save for a later date to tell you about. It is in Oshawa.

I know its hard to keep track and I’m sure the saga is getting boring.

I am also heading out to Newfoundland on the 19th for a work vacation where I will be doing a retreat with a dear Friend and readings. The lovely Lavender Lady will be joining me. Yippy!

Just when I think life has settled down something crazy happens. I’m just following the yellow brick road.

Also, if you ordered a reading I’m having some trouble with my computer as I believe it was hacked. Working on this and I’ll have something to you by tomorrow for sure! Yikes. Also, if you get a weird email from me please know that it is from a hacker not me. Geez Louise when it rains it pours.

OK talk soon!


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