May 18

Are we Judged by Our Intent?

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I was thinking today about what makes a difference in the world and how God keeps score.

I really don’t feel it is something we do intentionally. Like I’m going out to do this because I know there will be some good karma in it. Still up over doing nothing or doing something mean I guess. Of course do good things that makes sense but I think the big over the top score comes in when you help people or something and you have no idea that you are even doing it.

If we talk about it do we lose points? If someone is watching do we lose points? Is there any point system at all? Is that how we get good things to happen to us is to have no idea what we are doing and doing it well?

Maybe the way to look at this is do good things happen to you out of the blue? Maybe that is the score board?

Bobby always says that a relationship is like a bank. You put in and then if you screw up sometimes then you take out but the idea is to always have good things like money in the bank. Is it the same in life?

I think it is those moments that are just spontaneous and forgotten by us that are the ones that are going to get us Brownie points with the Big Guy.

What about ignorance? Are we only judged at the point when we know we should do better or when we do it wrong? Is there a wrong or is there just “is”? With knowledge does come responsibility but is it only at that point that it all happens?

Oh man so many questions. Good thing a year has so many days.

Something to ponder.

Quote for you:

“I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.” Albert Einstein

Until we meet again, Sharon

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