May 17

Everyone Has Their Story

Hi Everyone.

Just like the song says everyone has a story. Spirit doesn’t let me remember much but I do hear the saddest things and I am always grateful for my life.┬á Some stay stuck, some use addiction to push down the feelings, some move forward, some take what they have gone through and help others. I think ultimately that is what God has in mind. I guess we won’t know until we reach the other side.

I do feel though that the people that have gone through something and take the pain and suffering and learn from it and move into their future with a helpful heart in healing others seem to be happier than the ones that stay stuck. Everyone has different time lines to heal their sadness. I’m kind of happy that spirit doesn’t let me keep the emotions of people after a reading as I would be a mess carrying all those sad emotions and worrying about everyone if they found their way out of their pain. God is good.

I’m also glad that spirit lets me see the gifts people have and the light that they share with the world even if they can’t see it at the moment. It helps to inspire when doing a reading.

I guess when people are ready to move beyond they will. Working with Dorothy Gagnon I am dealing with stuff from my past and its not an easy task at all. Rewarding and cathartic but scary.  You think you have moved on and have forgiven and things no longer have an effect on you but until you stare the tiger in the face and feel it it really just stays stuck in your subconscious. Who knows maybe lifetimes of crap is there! It  opens a whole new place for you to add good things. After certain sessions I kept having dreams of sitting in a storage unit full of crap and looking around and finding an empty space and sitting in it thinking now what do I do with this space? Odd eh?

You can try and push it down so that it doesn’t pop up in your daily life but add something in your daily life that reminds you of it (which spirit so cleverly does) and back you are to square one again wondering why this pattern always happens to you. I guess trying to control our lives doesn’t always work. “Man Plans, God Laughs”.

Byron Katie is good with this with her website asking you to ask yourself “Who am I without my Story”. I have mentioned her before and she has great information most of which is free.

Oh well lots of time to get through this stuff and grow. Such a blessing this Earth walk is. The best part is we all have free will to move forward. Such a wonderful place.

Kind of self reflective today but I’m hoping that somehow my words encourage you to look at anything painful from your past and make your own empty storage spaces to fill up with all good things.

Quote for you:

“Most of the shadows of life are caused by standing in our own sunshine.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until we meet again, Sharon

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