Apr 26

Call A Loved One

Welcome Everyone!

Tonight I talked to my brother Alan and his wife Darlene and we realized we haven’t talked for like 8 months or something.

How crazy is that? How does life get so busy that you don’t have time to give a little chat or two to people you love!

Time does go quickly though and I’m finding the older I get the faster it gets! Not sure why.I’m probably busier now then I have ever been too.

Remember when summers were like ten years! It was only two months in the summer but it was like so long when I was young!

I wonder if its something to do with being old or something to do with energy! Hmmm. I wonder if anyone knows the answer to that.

So I just wanted to mention that its always a good time to call someone you love!

Just a reminder.

Congratulations Alan on your retirement. Love you both.

Quote for you:

“You don’t choose your family.┬á They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”┬á ~Desmond Tutu

Until we meet again, Sharon

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