Apr 25

Hypnotherapist Extraodinaire

Good Day Friends.I hope the world is shining its light on you and you are shining your light on the world.

As you know I always share with you when I find something or someone that’s major cool and I have found by far the most amazing hypnotherapist right here in the heart of the Big O!

I went to Dorothy Gagnon because I wanted to deal with a few issues and she was recommended to me several years ago but something happened and I didn’t end up going.

I have gone a couple of times and I have to tell you I’m kind of skipping around crazy up on life. Now I’m usually up in the air high on life anyway but this is amazing!

The work she did on me last time I have to tell you hasn’t worn off and seems to get better and better every day. Things are flowing to me like magic and doors are opening and through the whole thing I have no anticipation of what is supposed to happen or even looking forward to anything I am just in the moment every second.

I’m noticing too that my readings are easier and the information is flowing better.

I have always read that we are to be the observer of our life each and every moment and through this work that Dorothy has been doing I’m kind of understanding that concept.

Here is a link to her site “DOROTHY” and here is a link to her wonderful book “DOROTHY”S BOOK”.

Dorothy also turned me onto Byron Katie who challenges us to get rid of our thoughts that cause us problems and live in the moment and I just love the work that this wonderful woman does.The truth is big in her work.If you go onto her site she is very generous and everything is free for your use.

It is interesting the information that has been coming to me too like reading about Mooji and finding after looking for it for many years in the house my Course in Miracles book.

It’s all about “being” in the moment and observing.

I had a bit of a hard time accepting this “moment observer” concept because as you know a lot of the law of attraction makes us stay in the moment but look into the future for the things we want to manifest. The coolest part about this observation is that in the moment things are coming to me that I have been trying to manifest and the good part is I’m feeling that either way its all ok.

Actually it was Bryan in his ultimate wisdom of the Violet Door that helped me with my wrestling over what was right and he basically said what I was searching for in that “it just doesn’t matter” take what you need.

The best thing Dorothy and Byron Katie has helped me with is what money means in my life. I was always on my next adventure on how to bring in my next million which was a wheel of fun but like a hamster I never really got anywhere.

When I stopped and starting living right here right now becoming a billionaire kind of lost its importance. I’m not saying I like anyone wouldn’t love to win the big one as I sit but I have taken on more of a feeling of whatever the Universe has in mind for me at any given moment.

When I start to think about what I would do with my manifested millions or think of a bill I have or what’s in front of me  I stop and say “do I have enough for this moment?” the answer is always yes.

The strangest part of this turn around is that all of a sudden things are opening up to me more than when I would project into the future or demand of the Universe. When I stay put and question any strange thoughts that come into my mind and ask the truth of any thoughts I’m in the flow that I have been trying to get with my manifesting.

Who knew that all we had to do is “stop” and observe.

It might not be for everyone and of course like anything we have to trust our heart with any information we have but I have to tell you living this way in a state of just “believing” is a much easier ride.

Quote for you:

“Your story and reality just don’t match.  Reality is always kinder than your story about it – but only always.” Byron Katie

“Throw everything away, forget about it all!

You are learning too much,

remembering too much, trying too hard…

relax a little bit, give life a chance to flow its own way,

unassisted by your mind and effort.

Stop directing the river’s flow!” Mooji

Until we meet again, Sharon


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