Dec 10

Bah Humbug

Hi Everyone!

How are you doing today out there in blog land? It’s crazy out there with everyone shopping isn’t it? As my husband always says they don’t change the date?

I remember always doing my shopping on Christmas Eve and I remember going downtown with my wonderful sister-in-law Darlene for our Swiss Chalet lunch.  That is a good Christmas memory for sure.

I have to tell you I never quite got the whole Christmas thing? Nothing to do with religion as far as I’m concerned because wasn’t¬†Jesus born in June according to the planets and stars? I think if you check into it it was done by the powers that be to offset some sort of pagan celebration. Oh well whatever it is it is and I guess any day that brings family together is a good thing and any day to celebrate Jesus and goodness¬†is also good. I guess practicing what he taught is even better.

I know people born later in May don’t really get Christmas as they are usually in a Saturn time which is a bit depressing anyway.

Sure I had the tree (pink) ¬†and everything when the kids were small and loved Christmas morning for them but after they are older it’s really just a gift exchange.

I love when people are into it and they decorate everything and get excited. How spirited they are and I do adore that. Passion in any form is tops in my book.

So I guess I’m just a Scrooge is what this blog is saying. Sorry! Happier tidings next blog.

Quote for you:

“God Bless Us everyone.” Tiny Tim

Until we meet again, Sharon

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