Oct 1

Diamonds Are Forever

Good morning everyone.

Weird weather it’s like a cold wind has taken over or something.

I was flipping around on the Internet today for a brief second and something jumped out at me which is the oddest yet intriguing thing I have seen in a long time.

It’s about turning your loved ones into a diamond which you wear as jewellery. Bizarre eh?

Here’s the link I read here Diamonds.

Here’s another link Diamonds Too.

So apparently you get some ashes of your deceased loved ones (wonder what part from the ashes you are carrying around? Makes you wonder.)  (or you can do it when you are alive through hair samples) and they take it, heat it up and make a diamond. Is this legal in Canada? You wonder?

There is an Icky element to this as well as a comfort element also. Probably the euew part is taking the parts from  the body and sending it on. Once again is this legal?

The cost it says ranges from $3,000 to $25,000 and you can prearrange. I want to ask a feng shui expert what they think of this?

I have to wonder if future generations are going to just hand down the diamonds or tell the whole story here! Dear relatives you are gathered here to discuss your inheritance……in the will you get Grandma diamond and you get the pet dog, wear well dear relatives???

Also, I have to ask do these diamonds have any value except for the family? Can you sell Grandma?

Interestingly it says you can also have a pet made into a diamond on its passing too.

Something to surely think about.

Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase “Diamonds are Forever”.

Quote for you:

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” Emma Goldman

(In this instance I’m with you Emma.)

Until we meet again, Sharon

P.S. Hmmmmmm how do you really know that its Grandma’s ashes and not just some diamond they have in a drawer?

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