Jan 11

Motivation, Passion & Cupcakes – Home Edition

Good Morning Everyone and I mean morning its like 6 am.

I have been doing Motivation, Passion & Cupcakes for a lovely group of women in the Newcastle area in their different beautiful homes and it has been such a rewarding experience for me. Although I am the facilitator sometimes I think it is me that is having all the fun! They have a name for the group and their own newsletter which I generate for them and every month we pick a different topic.

Last night we did numerology which is the same class I will be doing on Thursday at The Violet Door. It was a great success. I loved watching them laughing and grinning ear to ear throughout the evening.¬†In the few months we have been¬†having these get togethers¬†they are blossoming in front of my eyes. I do¬†not believe it is the Inspirational Get togethers that¬†is doing it (although it might be the vehicle to get them together) it is the sisterhood that is doing it. The sharing, the caring and of course the cupcakes (lol). It moves home to home and they get to share their homes with each other and the support system is obviously starting to happen. They have touched each others’ lives as well as mine.

I am extremely blessed to be part of this group and I’m hoping that other women think about having a group of their own with their friends so that this energy can continue.

It is the same at The Violet Door with these get togethers. Although the people change each time there are a few that have continued from the beginning and when I see their smiling face each time I know that spirit was up to something when asking me to do these little get togethers. The dynamics are different at The Violet Door as it is a little less intimate and we have the honour of having men at this group which changes it a bit in a wonderful way!

Totally awesome for me. 

Thanks everyone for being you!

Quote for you:

¬†“A ministering angel shall my sister be.” William Shakespeare

Until we meet again, Sharon

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