Jan 4

I’m Nesting!

Hi Everyone. (Warning you may get dizzy when reading this blog map needed.)

I’m not sure what has happened to me in this new year but I actually am cooking AGAIN! You got it AGAIN!

Like Geez Louise what is up with the Universe!

Did you check your astrologyzone this month. WOW is all I can say. Lots of action going. Apparently all the planets are moving forward at once which is rare with nothing in retrograde. Now read for yourself as I could be wrong on this one as someone told me about it but it does feel very powerful.

Who knew it would take me 12 planets all pushing me forward to cook!

Oh back to my cooking (forewarned you).¬† I’m making……..hold your breathe……..brownies.

Ok they are in a box but still I’m cooking. They are in my little convection toaster oven as I write this. I’ll have to remember to not forget about them half finished or something. I do do that sometimes.

(OK during this blog I went to check on them and I needed a toothpick. Who has a wooden toothpick nowadays. They are brutally bad on your teeth. I use those cute little ones with the brush. Like really? So I just put back in for a bit longer in case.)

OK friends with this energy please do something that you know you can’t do or are procrastinating on as it feels like that kind of energy! Here’s hoping it happens for you if its meant to be.

I’ll keep you posted on the brownies. Why me? Actually Bobby is probably saying why me too, ha ha.

Oh he is not feeling much better. I dragged him to the doctor kicking and screaming. I always count the files when we go in so I can keep track of how long it is going to be and there were 18 files. Yuck. Everyone hacking and snorting. I wasn’t sure I’d get out alive.

So now he has some stuff to take and hopefully will feel better real soon.

It was hilarious when Bobby told the lady behind the counter that I dragged him in there she said you were probably whining. She must be psychic too!

The quote below is for my sister. The reason is I (and Carolyn of Sands of Time Tarot (my partner in crime))went and peaked in at this store that came available that was so small and cute probably like 350 square feet and I wanted to see it. It was used as a grooming place (nothing like my wonderful niece’s place that I talk about whose¬†store is clean and sparkly). This place smelled of well you know. So I told my sister (the wonderful Lavender Lady) I¬† was looking at it and how kind of gross it was and later that day received this email from her:

“What a p*ss off but meant to be. Urine good hands with the universe cause they¬†didn’t let you make a wrong move.”¬† LL

She cracks me up.

Quote for you:

“Welcome to the Church of the Holy Cabbage.¬† Lettuce pray.”¬† ~Author Unknown

Oops I forgot the brownies gotta go.

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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