Dec 13

Sweet Phoebe Sunshine – Guest Blog


Good Morning Everyone. I have a wonderful guest blog for you. Darlene you know as my wonderful sister-in-law and I have written about her many times.

Her daughter Kris (my Niece) has a wonderful little daughter named Phoebe Sunshine. You all know Phoebe’s adventure at Starbucks  from my newsletter which is archived here.

Here is what Darlene (Nama) wrote for you about an outing with Phoebe to the Old Mill for Afternoon Tea:

“Imagine a grandmother’s delight going out for afternoon tea with her granddaughter, especially if that granddaughter is only 3 ½. For my birthday my daughter thought I would enjoy a day out with Phoebe and since she loves to dress up and play princess it was a great chance to go to a grown up tea party.While I have been out to restaurants with Phoebe and her brother Miles and they are always well-behaved, I never expected that she was such a perfect little lady. Beautifully dressed in a purple velour dress with matching tights, pink necklace and, of course her crown, she gently tucked her napkin on her lap, sipped her raspberry tea, with several packs of brown sugar added, and very lady-like made her way through 2 scones with jam, a lemon tart, a piece of carrot cake topped with icing, ½ salmon sandwich and an almond cookie. Nama didn’t think she’d like the mushroom quiche tart and tried to eat it but Phoebe quickly commented on where her other tart went and ate that too. After we were finished with all the treats on the tray and her teapot was empty she wiped her mouth and said it was ok to go home now. But before we left she noticed another little girl having tea with her mother. Phoebe carefully looked her over and said, “My dress is much prettier than her’s”. Oh Pea….one day you’re going to get yourself in trouble but right now you are just so darn cute. Nama had the best day ever. Thank you my sweet Pea and thank you Kristine for giving us this special grandmother/granddaughter time together.”


How so adorable is that eh? Darlene, Kris & Phoebe thank you all for being you.

Quote for you:

“Grandmas give you the cherry off the top.” Helen Exley

Until we meet again, Sharon

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  1. Becki December 15th, 2010 4:52 am

    Awww this is the sweetest thing! My son really likes Monster Trucks – maybe I’ll send my mom with him to a monster truck rally, do you think she would enjoy it?

  2. Sharon December 15th, 2010 5:48 am

    Ha Ha! That’s hilarious. Ask her and let us know what she says. She can do a guest blog if she wants!

    Becki is the owner of Pet Styling by Becki.

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