Dec 12

Where was this Thing when I was Communiting?

Hello Everyone. Can you believe the rain? Glad it isn’t snow that’s for sure.

I was zooming around on the net and was reading this funny article about wacky gifts from Japan and found this picture and article.

I totally cracked up because I remember once I was on the go train and I was so exhausted and I fell asleep and I smashed my head on the window (whap)Ā and everyone looked up and totally laughed at me. I was so embarrassed. Although I think if I had this hat on I would have been more embarrassed. You can even put on the front which stop is yours so they wake you up.

This article shows some fun inventions. You never know when you will needĀ a toilet paper holder on your head for hay fever.

Quote for you:

“Be Prepared.” Guides Motto

Until we meet again, Sharon

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