Oct 6

Divine Travels of the Ha Ha Sisterhood – Day Three – Part Two

Hello Everyone.

After we went whale watching we drove up to Pleasant Bay to visit the Monastery Gampo Abbey. It was very calming and beautiful. I wished that my friend Kaleigh was there with us as she has always wanted to go there.  She is very blessed and once she went to where the Dalai lama had a speaking engagement in Toronto and she was waiting outside to see him in the crowds and he actually went up to her and took her hand out of all the people. That is very cool.  

The grounds were really peaceful as you would assume such a spiritual place would be.

We asked the woman that was in the garden working what there was to see there and she sent us to the Stupa along this path which seemed to go on forever. There was lots to see along the way though.

(Definition of Stupa here. )


Diane and I were both thinking about bears and such and the funny part is I had bought this little bell from one of the stores that has a wonderful sound and it is supposed to scare the bears away. My sister and I were wondering if it was just the bears dinner bell and no one would ever find us again.

Finally we were at the end of the path (which we realized was a short drive from where we parked) and there stood the magnificent Stuppa.

It was very very cool. It had a quietness around it that is hard to describe unless you are there. The rocks that were around it all seemed to be balanced and on top of each other like artwork. I’m sure there is a reason as they were quite lovely.

I thought if Kaleigh can’t be there I will balance a rock for her that hopefully will stay until I can visit with her. Who knows maybe we will do a retreat there some day. Now that would be life changing.

Diane was amazed that the beautiful flowers grew along the highway and we had to get a shot of the very large mushroom.

This is where the magic happened. All day we were asking to see an eagle and we saw one in the tree. We were getting ready to go into the car when there was a mist falling on us. It wasn’t like rain as we weren’t getting wet and we weren’t near the water and it was warm. We both looked up at the same time and saw two giant eagles circling over our heads. It was a moment for sure.

For about 3 days afterwards everything flowed like we were in God’s good Graces.

We were blessed.

Something we found out earlier that day from the man that took us out on the whale watch is that every year at the end of lobster season Gampo Abbey buys up the last catch and releases them back into the ocean unharmed. Isn’t that the coolest! Here’s where you can read about it.

There will be a part three for this day¬†and you won’t believe the house we saw.

Quote for you:

“What we think, we become.” Buddha

Until we meet again, Sharon

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