Sep 28

Divine Travels of the Ha Ha Sisterhood – Day One (Part 2) & Day Two (Part 1)

Hello Everyone. Welcome to the Psychic Cottage Blog. I have a feeling these blogs are going to go on until my next vacation¬†as I’m taking this long to get them out.

So we haven’t travelled very far yet we are still in Pictou.

We stayed at the Evening Sail Bed and Breakfast …….


in the Driftwood Room. …..

Ironically (or I’m sure my sister arranged it that way) that is the name of the street¬†where we grew up near Jane & Finch. Before it was Jane and Finch. The mall was actually a field. Hard to believe eh?

(My sister told me about a cool story about the colour of the building and how it represents long time ago how they would use everything from the whale and the blood to paint the houses but I could find nothing on line about it. If anyone knows about it let me in on it. Although I’m glad they used all the whale it still sounds somewhat creepy to have your house painted in blood. Reminds me of a horror flick.)

Check out the suite. It was so so beautiful. There’s a nice orb over my head in the corner while I’m doing my work. Kind of cool.

All I could think of was Jenny and the City Cottage when I was in this room as I thought she would love it so much. I want a bed like that. Isn’t it wonderful?

So we went out on the town for a bit and we came across a lovely little store called Casper Gifts and Crafts. The¬†cutest thing happened in the store. My sister kept saying that the owner looked like someone and wondered if she knew her. The owner said that everyone thinks she looks just like Elizabeth Manley. My sister realized that this was it and why¬†she looked so familiar. Here’s proof. She let us take her picture. Diane surprised me and bought me a sweet little witches’ hat broach from the store. Our mascot wore it throughout the trip. I’ll show you¬†our mascot later on.

 We went to bed early snuggled in our fancy beds with the fire place low after watching some movie about an italian boy and then the big treat in the morning was breakfast at the Evening Sail.

Yum Yum. You won’t believe the spread they put on. She did tell us that it was family style and boy what a family. The table was huge. We were a bit late so I didn’t want to get a picture when everyone was eating but check out the table. They said that when they bought the Bed and Breakfast that the table came with it and apparently it is two tables put together so it stayed where it was and was only moved when they cleaned which I’m thinking is continuously as the place was imaculate.

Evening Sail is owned by a Mother, Gail, and Daughter, Michelle team.

Now let me tell you about the breakfast. Oh I would so stay there again. It was so delicious. Before breakfast was served they had juice, coffee, tea, fresh muffins, amazing jam and cereal. Other stuff I can’t remember too. Then they served to each of us a plate of this quiche that was like over 3 inches high with a bowl of fruit and a scone that was just beautiful with candied sugar on top. Oh my mouth is watering as I’m writing this. They are well known for their waffles too. Gail sat at one end of the table and Michelle sat at the other and they shared their many stories about the area and kept the conversation going. It was delightful! Oh I so want to go back.

There was a property next door to theirs for sale and I said to my sister they should buy that and open a little tea room because they sure know how to cook!

We gathered up all our belongings after breakfast and headed out to Cheticamp.

Stay tuned for more exciting magical stories about our trip!

Quote for you:

“Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight…”
~Hazelmarie ‚ÄėMattie‚Äô Elliott

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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