Sep 24

Divine Travels of the Ha Ha Sisterhood – Day One – Part One

Good Morning Everyone. Welcome to the Psychic Cottage Blog.

Now that I’m back to myself and settled I wanted to let you in on our trip!

My sister and I decided to call our adventure the Divine Travels of the Ha Ha Sisterhood because we didn’t stop laughing from the time we left home until we got home and even then it didn’t stop. We do have tons of fun together.

Our first little town was Pictou. It was a quaint little town. Lots of hills and the town main street walks along a beautiful ocean front. It was so cold that day. The people of the town said that it was so hot the week before because of Earl. 

¬†We went to Mrs. MacGregor’s Tea¬†House for lunch. It was nice. My sister remembered it to be different but it was a¬†lovely lunch¬†and it was good to just stop for a moment after all the running around.

Check out the sidewalks. Aren’t they cute.

There wasn’t much action in Pictou but we found lots of ways to entertain ourselves. What is it about having a sign with a hole in it that makes people want to stick their heads in it. You will see lots of these pictures throughout my blogs on the trip. It’s such fun to look ridiculous.


¬†And the fun never stopped! It was so chilly that day. Stay tuned for Part Two. How come I’m in all these pictures and not my sister. Hmmm.


  Quote for you:

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”¬† ~Milton Berle

Until we meet again, Sharon

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