Apr 17

Your Handwriting “Really Can” Change Your Life!

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I was listening to one of Louise Hay’s tapes a few days ago and I heard something that I never heard before even though I listened to this tape for years. It said that Louise Hay changed her handwriting later on in life.

This totally intrigued me and I found out that she worked with Vimala Rodgers who wrote the book “Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life“. I fell in love with this book and the teachings of Vimala. I bought it for people I knew, spoke about it to anyone who would listen and I did some personal consultations with her.

It made perfect sense to me. If your handwriting can be analyzed to tell a story about who you are why can’t you reverse that and make your handwriting create the person you want to be.

Vimala is one of those people who are totally dedicated to making the world a better place. She radiates a passion about her work that is totally contagious. She convinces you real fast that your dreams can become a reality. You have the dream and she gives you the tools to get there.

Your writing has such an impact on your life. It’s hard to believe really but when you see things shifting and manifesting you know its real.

I won’t fool you it takes dediction but the benefits far exceed the discipline to get there. My website and my office to do readings was a dream I carried around for years. Now I’m living my dream in my little office doing what I love. Sure its not exactly as I had planned but it never is. In the end its usually better.

God Bless you Vimala and thank you for being in my life.

I will leave you with a quote:

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”
Jim Rohn

Until we meet again Sharon


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  2. sabrina August 15th, 2012 9:53 am

    HI there im interested in your book thats been discussed here.why not…….my email is here so we can go from there..ive read one of louise hay books about a year back..its very interesting stuff..ok thanks…byfor now.

  3. Sharon August 15th, 2012 3:05 pm

    Hi if you go onto her link you can see the book. Thanks. Sharon

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