Nov 16

The Curve Ball

Good morning my dear and wonderful Friends. Welcome to the TPC Blog.

I hope all your dreams are coming true and that each step you take is one filled with serendipitous moments.

I’ve been pondering life today. It is strange isn’t it? I always say its like a giant pendulum of balance.

It’s so important and much easier to keep your pendulum as calm as possible. Highs and Lows are probably not your best choice.

I read Esther Hicks and Abraham says everything that comes in is a direct result of our thoughts. It makes me think though how special do we have to be so that we can be in that space of awareness. We all do our best to stay positive and bring only this magical good into our life but sometimes “life happens”.

I know where the saying “other shoe is going to drop” came from when I think of this pendulum of life.

I thought of something my son said the other day when we were going into the house. I said to him now the house is a “little” messy. Well he got this huge smile and said “now that’s a curve ball”. He cracks me up.

I thought of this saying though and that is what life is like sometimes. You are going along your merry way thinking this is it life is taking off to that wonderful place of being untouchable and the pendulum switches the curve ball comes out of no where and you are digging out of another lesson.

I guess that’s why we are here on this glorious Earth anyway to learn as well as help others with what we have learned as we all know that with knowledge comes responsibility right? I guess power too.

So that’s it my pondering for the day. Keep your intuition up and your baseball glove and bat ready and remember as bad as it gets is as good as it gets too.

Love and blessings to you all my Friends.

Quote for you:

“Life throws you curve balls, but you either learn to swerve them or hit them like there is no tomorrow.” Sadie Christman

Until we meet again, Sharon

The Psychic Cottage

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